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Kris And Kim Divorce Deets: Kris Wants To Go After Reality TV

Kim Kris Divorce Reality TV
It was only a matter of time before someone took reality tv to court.
We’re just wondering if Kris has what it takes to take down that beast — and it looks like he’ll at least be giving it his all.
We’re learning that Kris’ lawyer plans to put reality tv on trial by exposing it’s M.O. So how would they do that?
They’re asking the judge to allow TV stations to broadcast the trial, in a bid to prove that Kim had no intention of staying married to him, but instead only wanted big ratings for this season!
The question is: is that going to be seen as hypocritical? We don’t know, we don’t think so. It might be a good tool to help expose.
So. Kim want’s a divorce, Kris wants an annulment. Kim says there was irreconcilable differences, Kris says it’s fraud.
Kris has the uphill battle — Kim has the argument that Kris has gotten famous for all this too, plus why would she go through the trouble of a long prenup if she didn’t intend to stay with him?
But then again, maybe she knew she’d be able to use it as an excuse… the plot thickens. ALSO, the very idea of a prenup to us shows a lack of confidence in the forthcoming marriage — so couldn’t the act of a prenup itself be considered evidence that she wasn’t in it for the right reasons??
Such a mess!
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Feb 07, 2012 20:00pm PDT