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Kristen Bell Fell 'More In Love' With Dax Shepard After He Sucked Out Her Clogged Milk Duct?!

Kristen Bell Begged Dax Shepard To 'Nurse' Her When She Had A Clogged Duct While Breastfeeding

Parenthood, y’all, it’ll make you do some weird s**t!

In a new episode of Momsplaining, a segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Bell admitted she once had to ask her husband Dax Shepard to “nurse” from her breast so she could clear a clogged milk duct. And the whole thing made them fall more madly in love with each other!

While chatting with Scandal alum Katie Lowes, the 41-year-old recalled a time when she suffered mastitis, an infection of the breast tissue that occurs when a milk duct is blocked. Flashing back to footage from the show in 2018, Kristen recalled:

“I said to my husband, ‘I just need you to suck this out.’ We could talk about it. We could be weird about it or you could just go ahead and nurse.”

LOLz!! It’s easy to see how that could get awkward fast, but the Armchair Expert host was apparently a total pro! The mom of Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, added:

“He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I’ve never been more in love.”

Awww!! We love that for them! She’s not the only Kristen who’s faced a similar problem before. In 2019, Kristin Cavallari confessed that her then-husband Jay Cutler helped her with the same problem, and had to suck on her boob “harder than he’s ever sucked.” OMG!!

Hear more crazy parenting stories (below)!


[Image via The Ellen Show/YouTube]

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Oct 21, 2021 11:38am PDT