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Kristin Cavallari Recalls HORRIFYING Incident With Stalker Who Slashed Her Tires -- Leading Her To Get A Restraining Order!

Kristin Cavallari Recalls HORRIFYING Stalker Incident!

Prepare to have chills run down your spine from this terrifying experience Kristin Cavallari had with a stalker almost a decade ago!

During her Let’s Be Honest podcast on Tuesday, the reality star recalled a man — identified as David Berkowitz — discovered where she worked out in Chicago after she accidentally revealed it in an interview and began following her there in 2015. FYI, this David Berkowitz is not the same David Berkowitz who is known as the serial killer Son of Sam! It’s not that kind of true crime story! However, what happened to Kristin was still horrifying!

The Laguna Beach alum claimed Berkowitz signed up for pilates classes with her same instructor — despite him living 45 minutes away from her gym. Kristin’s trainer soon told her that the man began “asking a lot of questions about” her:

“He wanted to know if he could pay you to go to a party. And I’m like, ‘Who the f**k is this guy?’ Weird, right?”

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While at the fitness studio one day, Kristin saw Berkowitz “wandering around” the facility in a suit. In an effort to avoid him, she went to the bathroom to “stall and take time” and left the place through a different exit. Unfortunately, her escape plan was unsuccessful. Berkowitz stood “at the entrance on his phone” while she was leaving the gym. The situation then took a very scary turn! Kristin said she walked over to her vehicle and got inside, then noticed Berkowitz followed her and got into the car right next to her! OMG!

And things get creepier from there! He proceeded to follow Kristin to a stoplight, pull up right next to her, and ask her to “roll [her] window down.” She continued:

“He goes, ‘You have a flat tire,’ and I go, ‘What?’ Then my flat tire thing went on, so he knew I had a flat tire before my car knew I had a flat tire.”

Whoa! Kristin said she went to the parking lot of a bank nearby to check out her flat tire. And guess who followed her? Berkowitz! The Hills star noticed he was circling around the area. Understandably, Kristin got scared! Who wouldn’t be when a creepy man won’t leave you alone?! She called her then-husband Jay Cutler for help:

“I called my ex-husband, who called a private investigator who worked for the Bears. It was like a whole thing.”

In the end, Berkowitz “admitted” to giving her a flat tire! He also had the audacity to beg her not to file a restraining order against him! Obviously, Kristin did not listen to his pleas and got one anyway! She said:

“He was married with kids, begged not to file a restraining order. I was, like, ‘No, f**k you. You were stalking me at my gym and you gave me a flat tire to what? Save the day?’ I’ll never forget that guy’s name.”

According to NBC Chicago, Kristin was granted a protection order against Berkowitz shortly after the incident, which was later extended for two more years. He was required to stay away from the television personality and her family, including her sons Camden and Jaxon at the time. He also had to remain at least 500 feet away from the gyms where she and Jay worked out.

Ultimately, Kristin had an important message to her podcast listeners in light of the incident with the “psycho f**k”:

“People are crazy, man. You have to be careful.”

You can say that again!! Watch the podcast episode (below):

We’re so glad Kristin was OK following the scary incident! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Kyle Blair/WENN, Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari/YouTube]

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