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No Kim Zolciak Reconciliation On Deck! Kroy Biermann Will 'See This Divorce Through To The End'

No Kim Zolciak Reconciliation On Deck! Kroy Biermann Will 'See This Divorce Through To The End'

It sounds like reconciliation is NOT on the table for Kroy Biermann.

We’re not talking about something an “insider” or a “source” is sharing, either. This latest romantic rejection is coming straight from the ex-NFL star’s divorce attorney. So, we’d say that’s a pretty good authority on the matter!

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First, a quick re-hash: as you will recall, this past weekend, Kim claimed on social media that she and the 37-year-old ex-athlete were “working on” their marriage. That raised some eyebrows at the time, of course. But the 45-year-old Bravo alum sounded so sure about it that, uhhh, maybe it was true?!?!

Well, now we know Kim’s words over the weekend were not true. And Kroy’s divorce attorney Marlys A. Bergstrom is the one to clarify! Point-blank period!!

On Wednesday, the litigator spoke to Us Weekly about Kim’s reconciliation claim and flat-out denied that any sort of getting back together was afoot:

“I spoke with Kroy regarding the ‘reconciliation’ Kim announced over the weekend. There is no reconciliation, his resolve to see this divorce through to the end has not wavered.”


So, that’s that then? Either Kroy is faking everybody out, including his own attorney (unlikely, TBH), or Kim continues to be in denial. Or she’s just trying to save face on social media. Ya know?!

Either way, we already know what Kroy wants next: it’s time to sell expensive s**t and pay off debt. Like, ASAP ASAP. But will the breakup prove to be that simple from here?! Or is there sure to be more s**t to hit the fan soon??

Share your takes on this divorce drama in the comments (below), y’all…

[Image via Bravo/YouTube/Kim Zolciak/Instagram]

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Sep 13, 2023 15:50pm PDT