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Lance Bass Hates New York City

This item from New York magazine speaks for itself.

Lance Bass is here for a few months to star as Corny Collins in Hairspray. He’s not sure he likes New York so much. First off, it took three weeks, and three brokers, to find an apartment. “There’s a lot of pieces of crap here for a lot of money,” he says. “And I don’t think anyone here has any style. I was looking at fully furnished places and it was like, you can either have a bunch of floral prints or some dusty couch from the 1960s.” But he’s adapting. “My walking pace has picked up a lot,” he says. “And apparently I’m ruder. I read that someone met me at a club and told me I looked great and I was like, ‘Don’t even think about taking a picture.’ Which really sounds like me. And then they printed a picture they’d taken of me, which makes even less sense.” He’s not hanging out at fellow ’N Sync alum Justin Timberlake’s barbecue joint. “I’ve been a few times,” he says. “But it’s really up there. The Upper East Side? I’m not in college anymore.” And, after coming out of the closet not so long ago, he has another startling admission to make: “I was the worst dancer in the band. I kind of hate to dance.”

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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Aug 27, 2007 13:51pm PDT

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