Lea Michele Continues To Struggle Without Cory Monteith, But She Won’t Be Kept Down

lea michele cory monteith struggle

She’s a trooper, that girl!

Last week, we heard Lea Michele was staying strong with the help of her friends by attending Hollywood parties and remembering the good times with Cory Monteith as much as possible.

But now we’re learning even more about her current situation.

According to a source close to the star:

“It’s getting a little easier. She really struggled. It was hard to get up every morning. But now, she’s doing okay.”

The friend also reiterated that she misses him every day and does still talk about him all the time, confirming the report from last week.

It’s been months since Cory passed, but sometimes it feels even more recent than that as the pain and shock are both still hard to shake.

His tribute episode aired last Thursday, with a massive ratings hike for Glee. It was intended to help fans mourn along with the cast and crew, but Lea’s scenes were by far the most devastating.

Rachel Berry has four types of crying, and that was not one of them. That was Lea coming through, and we are still in absolute awe of her courage.

Stay strong! LOVE YOU!!

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Oct 14, 2013 11:19am PDT

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