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Leonardo DiCaprio And GF Camila Morrone Are Talking About Getting Engaged & Having Kids!

Leonardo Dicaprio Gf Camila Morrone talk kids engaged

Has Leonardo DiCaprio finally been tamed into a one-woman man?
That might be the case thanks to his eight-month romance with 21-year-old model Camila Morrone, who has apparently managed to do the impossible and get Leo thinking about settling down.
All this comes from an Us Weekly source who says the couple is “very in love and serious” and have even “talked about getting engaged”!
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The insider adds that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star has “never loved a girl like this” — not even the woman who came close to winning his heart, Gisele Bundchen.
Leo and Tom Brady’s future wife dated from 2000 to 2005, in case you forgot, but the insider notes that their relationship didn’t work out because “Gisele wanted to get married and Leo felt he was too young at the time.”
Now that 43-year-old actor is at the perfect age to settle down, and has found the perfect potential bride 22 years his junior, he might even be ready to start a family.
The source reveals that Leo is “ready to have kids” and so is Camilla, adding:

“She loves having little kids around and wants to have kids with Leo. but she wants to get married to him first. She’s very traditional in that way.”

Do YOU see Leo finally settling down and starting a family with Camilla?
[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN]

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Aug 29, 2018 09:30am PDT

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