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The latest film directed by the “mysterious” Wachowski brothers, Speed Racer, might not do as well as hoped for in the box office this weekend.

The BIG budget movie will open this Friday in about 3,600 screens across the U.S.

Unfortunately for the film, it’s been receiving very unimpressive ratings in its pre-release surveys.

So will Iron Man win at the box office this weekend again?

Last weekend, Iron Man made over $100 million!

At the moment, Speed Racer seems like it will gross about $25-$35 million during its opening weekend, though it might gross more. But, estimates are low.

This is a BIG disappointed considering how much it cost to make the race car comic book adaptation – well over $100 million, easily.

So, even if Iron Man makes only half of what it did last weekend, it’s still likely to come in first again and beat out Speed Racer.


Warner Bros. domestic distribution president, Dan Fellman, says, “It’s too early to tell. But this is the first real family movie of the summer, and we’re going to give it our best.”

Translation: “We’re fucked. And we know it!”

But more importantly, will U go watch?


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May 06, 2008 14:30pm PDT

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