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Lil Tay's Instagram Returns After Social Media Disappearance With Alleged Abuse Claims & Custody Drama

Lil Tay

Lil Tay‘s social media disappearance has finally been explained??
After vanishing from Instagram in June following video of the nine-year-old allegedly smoking from a hookah in the presence of her mom and brother, someone who claims to have previously worked with her has taken over the account this weekend with new details.
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Her IG claims the viral star has allegedly been court-ordered to live in Canada with her “abusive absentee” father, a man said to be Christopher John Hope, who has banned her from social media.
The account went on to post video of Tay crying on the day she was sent to live with Hope, adding that her father threatened to have her mother arrested if she did not obey the court-ordered custody agreement:
Another post shows Hope allegedly with his new wife Richanee Alcover, along with the caption:

“This is Christopher John Hope with the woman he cheated on Tay’s mother with, the people who abused Tay, who instilled fear into a hopeless child’s eyes, but are now coming back to drag her down to assist in helping support their cost of living. Christopher John Hope has been raising and supporting Richanee Alcover and her son for years, but refused to pay for any of Tay’s expenses within that period of time. Tay’s mother has fully supported Tay in all aspects without the help and years worth of child support owed by Christopher John Hope.
Just leave Tay and her Mom alone and carry on with your own life.”

And shared alleged court affidavit documents:
The anonymous poster continued with Lil Tay’s plans to meet with XXXTentacion for a charity event before his death:
The social media rant ended with claims Hope would put his daughter into foster care over the reveals:
What is even going on??
We can only hope the nine-year-old is in the care of a responsible adult as she has yet to speak out on the situation.
[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube.]

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