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Lil Wayne Says He Can’t Remember His Own Songs Anymore Due To Memory Loss!

Lil Wayne Says He Can’t Remember His Own Songs Anymore Due To Memory Loss!

Apparently, Lil Wayne’s memory is so bad that he cannot even remember some of his biggest hits!

In a new interview with Rolling Stone on Friday, the 40-year-old rapper revealed that he could not tell which of his own songs belonged to his famous albums anymore due to his memory loss. He admitted to the outlet:

“I’m going to be so honest with you: I don’t know ‘Tha Carter III,’ ‘Tha Carter II,’ ‘Tha Carter One’ from ‘Tha Carter IV.’ And that’s just my God’s honest truth. You could lie, you could ask me [about] such and such song, I wouldn’t even know what we talking about.”

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Lil Wayne added that the records hold “no significance” to him “at all” – just because he cannot remember them. Specifically, he noted the publication he had no idea that one of his most beloved albums, Tha Carter III, was released in 2008:

“I don’t even know if that’s when ‘Tha Carter III’ came out. That’s how much I don’t know.”

In fact, he doesn’t even have a favorite song usually:

“Not a favorite at all. My favorite song is the last one I record. And then I will forget it after the next one I record.”

But the artist isn’t letting this get him down. Lil Wayne pointed out that the trade-off for his bad memory was that he has an “amazing mind” to create chart-topping tracks:

“And also, I always look at it as the curse part of the gift and the curse. I believe that [God] blessed me with this amazing mind, but would not give [me] an amazing memory to remember this amazing s**t.”

There’s always a bright side, lolz! But don’t worry, fans. Just because Lil Wayne is unable to remember his songs due to his faltering memory, that doesn’t mean he plans on retiring soon.

“Even when you say it, I don’t think you actually mean stop working or doing music. You probably just mean you want to retire from everything else but the music. When you’re an artist — a real artist like myself, I was born this way. So I don’t think that the real true artists and pioneers, they never retire. They died doing this.”

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Jun 11, 2023 14:11pm PDT

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