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EXCLUSIVE! So, What's Going On Between Lindsay Lohan & The Crown Prince Of Saudi Arabia?! She Tells Us!

Lindsay Lohan Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

UPDATE 10:52 A.M. PST: Lindsay Lohan tells EXCLUSIVELY that there is no truth to these reports. She says she has “no time for any boyfriend.”


Lindsay Lohan is really living it up in the Middle East, if this rumor has any basis in reality!

Reports are flying around that Lilo and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman (pictured above), have “gotten close,” including rumors he’s “flying her around in his jets and showering her with presents — including a gift-wrapped credit card.” Whoa! Sounds like a nice time, right!?

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Page Six dug deep on those persistent rumors this week, eventually finding out from a source in her inner circle that the film star and the crown prince “know each other.” So, there’s something there, it would seem — but what, exactly?

‘They Go Crazy For Her’

Now we’re not gonna say we predicted something like this, but, uhhh, we totally dished on a similar thing about Lindz this past weekend. Just sayin’! But even with a clear, admitted connection between these two, things may not be quite as they seem…

According to one of Lohan’s reps, the pair isn’t a couple or anything like that. In fact, she and Mohammad met “just once” about a year ago at a Formula One Grand Prix race. The same rep also denied the salacious report about bin Salman giving her a credit card. Sad!

Still, pals have apparently seen text messages between the two of ’em, going so far as to term LiLo and the crown prince as “friends.”

Lindsay Lohan signs a record deal
Lindsay apparently continues to live her best life far from the United States! / (c) WENN

And there’s at least a little bit of a geographic reality to this rumor; Lohan has been partly based in Dubai for the last couple years, anyways, so it’s not unusual for her to run in some of the same circles as Mohammad. Sources close to the American ex-pat doubled down on this assumption, going further to note Middle Eastern dignitaries LOVE the redheaded movie star.

One insider noted (below):

“They go crazy for her out there.”


The Real MbS…

Now, there are some issues with this royal. As you might recall if you’ve been following American politics, the crown prince has been accused of being involved in the allegedly gruesome killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi last October at the Saudi embassy in Turkey. It’s straight-up chilling to imagine the power the kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds in that part of the world, especially after a terrifying incident like that. (Not to mention the fact the apparent murder came completely without consequences from Donald Trump‘s weak American administration, no less.)

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And yet Lohan’s “friend” has also (fairly!) been seen as something of a modernizing force in Saudi Arabia, too, pushing for increased women’s rights and visibility inside the Middle Eastern nation, and ushering the kingdom into the modern world perhaps faster than many of his counterparts. Safe to say his legacy and profile are somewhat complicated — to say the least.

Guess we’ll see if (or how) things play out between these two. Gotta tell y’all… we cover a lot of relationship rumors on this site, but this one is maybe one of the most unique! Ha!!!

What do U think about Lindsay and him potentially linking up at some point, Perezcious readers?! Was it inevitable ever since Lohan dropped anchor in that part of the world?? Or do you think there’s more going on here than what’s being reported??

Sound OFF about everything in the comments (below)!!!

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