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Lindsay Lohan's Violent Fight With Mother Escalated After Linds Reminded Dina Of...

dina lindsay lohan fight money
Sigh… this just keeps getting worse.
But isn’t that always the case with Lindsay Lohan drama??
We know the gurl wants her acting career back in full form, and that Canyons trailer does look promising, but Hollywood big-wigs pay attention to the amount of scandalous publicity these stars rake in.
And a violent fight with mother can’t be helping matters!!
As we’ve been discussing, Linds and mommy Dina found themselves in one helluva situation this morning.
With the cops being called on them and Lindsay left with a broken bracelet and scratches, their feuding over the use of LiLo’s limo has been the talk of the town!!
But new sources reveal that the limo was only the least of their worries. Apparently Dina owes Lindsay $40,000!! And when things were heating up, Linds brought it up — much to the angry dismay of mother dearest.
The source explains:

“Lindsay recently gave Dina $40,000 and after partying in the club together, she told her mom she wanted the money back when the huge fight started. Dina was arguing with Lindsay and all Lindsay wanted to do was get out of the car and get away from her mother.”

And by the way, we know Lindsay’s an adult and should be able to manage her own problems. But can a son or daughter ever become immune to a parent’s abuse???
Fighting with someone on the same level as you is completely different than fighting with a parent. Dina shouldn’t have let this get out of control. And to add scratches and broken jewelry to the mix??
That had to have only further damaged Lindsay. And it’s just not cool.
Don’t become a parent if you can’t take the responsibility of the job! You’re not just a guardian or a friend, you’re a PARENT!! Own it and never lose it!!!
The world, including Lindsay’s would be a lot better for it!!
[Image via PNP/WENN.]

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Oct 10, 2012 13:08pm PDT