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Lindsay's Father Drops Some Bombs!

Our exclusive interview with Michael Lohan is soooooooooooo explosive.
It’s going to rock your world!
He makes damning allegations against Dina, including calling her a cocaine addict, and so much more.
CLICK HERE to read Perez Hilton’s exclusive chat with Lindsay‘s dad.
It’s a must-read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perez Hilton: Hello? Hello?
Michael Lohan: Hi, it’s Michael Lohan calling.
PH: Hey, how are you?
ML: Ok, listen, I just want to say, that you know, I realize that until cross certain legal boundaries, no one can prevent you from just propagating the conjecture and the rumors that are out there. But let me tell you this about the latest comments of you just reported about me going out to see Lindsay.
PH: Yes.
ML: I have more than enough proof to prove otherwise, because Dina is doing everything possible to try and prevent me from seeing Lindsay and my kids, and believe me, this is going to wind up back in court if I don’t see my kids and the truth is gonna to come out. Ok, because she’s even going so far as to try and, I’m not even going to say what she’s trying to do. But everything out of this woman’s mouth is a lie. She uses other people to say things and do things. She tells the court, the public, and her lawyers, and my lawyers one thing and does the exact opposite behind the scenes. She had nothing to do with anything, any negotiations that we had….. she’d do everything but.
Secondly, part of my whole agreement in court was for me to see my kids, which she has prevented me from doing.
All she is, is deceptive and full of lies, and that’s the bottom line, and I think the people are so on to see that now, they better go have their eyes checked.
PH: Can I quote you on this?
ML: Quote me!
PH: Goodness. So, are you seeing Lindsay, or you’re not going to go see her?
ML: Let me put it this way, as I├óΓé¼Γäóve said from the very beginning, any of my communication – and please quote me on this – any of my communication or contact with Lindsay is between Lindsay and me. I├óΓé¼Γäóve stated that and I├óΓé¼Γäóve kept my word. On the other hand, Dina is the one who contacted The New York Post today and said I was seeing Lindsay.
PH: Well, you know, it’s not the worst item in the world.
ML: No, but if I’m keeping quiet about my contact and communication with Lindsay, by Dina going out there and saying that, that sort of hurts everything I’m trying to accomplish, doesn’t it? I mean, you’re an intelligent guy, doesn’t that make sense to you?
PH: Potentially, but if you have some sort of agreement with the courts and she’s trying to intervene with that, then that seems illegal to me.
ML: Well, of course, and that’s why it would have to go back to court because Dina doesn’t live up to what she’s saying about promoting my relationship with my kids. Then it’d have to go back to court.
PH: Well, good to know and I’ll go ahead and put something up on this then.
ML: Well, let me ask you something.
PH: Yes.
ML: Doesn’t it make sense to you that in order Lindsay and my children to move ahead in their lives and use the blessings that have been given to them, don’t you think that it would only be right that any issues be addressed because otherwise it’s a ball and chain? It pulls you back.
PH: Yea, if they want to be. I mean, obviously it’s a different situation with your kids that are minors, but Michael and Lindsay are both adults, so you can’t force them to see you.
ML: Of course not, and that’s my point, that’s my point. My point is that while the little ones are being held back, you can’t hold the bigger ones back, but at the same time, the only way to do that, is by putting me down with something in their heads, so Lindsay wouldn’t want to see me. So I guess time will tell what that truth is right?
PH: Right.
ML: Yea, we sow what we reap, my friend.
PH: Well, well…
ML: I├óΓé¼Γäóm sorry, we actually, whatever we sow, we’re going to reap is what I meant. My life is just getting more and more fruitful and you can tell the quality of a person by what is being produced.
PH: Well I hope maybe hopefully you’ll be able to resolve things without going to court.
ML: You know what, that’s been my hope the whole time. This is about being good parents to the kids, not about Dina and I. But she still continues to make an issue between me and her. You don’t see me having some degenerate boyfriend around my kids, I don’t have anyone around our kids, but she has this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy’s a drunk, he’s a rapist, he’s a piece of garbage hanging around my children.
PH: Wow, uhm…
ML: Yea, and there’s plenty of proof. Look at her bodyguards. As soon as I had an investigation done on their backgrounds, I found out that they were New York city police officers that were thrown off for ticket scam, and then one of the brothers found out that uhm, found out that his employer, he once worked for a pharmaceutical company, was driving the CEO around and he found out the CEO had settled a sexual harassment case years ago, so he goes and sues the employer for sexual harassment himself.
Dina’s brother Paul Sullivan is getting sentenced for 9/11 fraud. Her other brother is still living at the basement of her mother’s house at 45 years old! You want to talk about backgrounds, look at her family background and look at mine. Look at where my family is. CEOs of companies. Partners of some of the biggest brokerage firms of the country. And look at the other side of the coin.
You want to see letters from people who have known us for 25 years? To see what a good father I was? How I was there for my kids, how I supported them in every way possible. I’ll give you 45 of them. And then you go and call everyone one of these people, including DAs, one from LA. And the one from LA will tell you that Lindsay had a stalker at one time and Dina didn’t want to do anything about the stalker because she said it would be negative press for Lindsay. But worked hard and nailed him.
What comes first, the money or Lindsay├óΓé¼Γäós welfare. I put welfare first, Dina put a price tag on that. I├óΓé¼Γäóve never taken one red cent from Lindsay. Dina still collects from her percentage [as Lindsay’s manager] $354,000 a year from her in salary. What do you have to say about that?
PH: I’d have to say that you know, I’m sure neither parent is perfect, and….
ML: Did I say I was perfect?
PH: No, no….
ML: Ok, did Dina ever come forward and say that she’s wrong for doing anything. No,huh?
PH: Hey, I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, trust me.
ML: What’s that?
PH: I’m not a fan of Dina Lohan, you know, I’ve said before I think she’s…..
ML: I├óΓé¼Γäóll give you a tape – a video confession – of someone who came up to me and said, ‘Michael, I know for a fact that Dina does cocaine because I delivered it to the house to her.’ That├óΓé¼Γäós recently, about six months ago, how├óΓé¼Γäós that?
PH: There’s been that speculation.
ML: I know its your job and its your vocation to report things that happen in the celebrity community but in doing so we have to be really really careful since what you record affects many many lives. You know, Dina├óΓé¼Γäós had six DUIs, has had car crashes and left the scene, had someone else pick up and drive, but you know what it all catches up. I can prove it, Nothing I’ve ever said has EVER been proven to be a lie.

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Aug 29, 2007 15:42pm PDT