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Lisa Rinna Admits To Going Too Far With Facial Fillers After Fans Rip Into Her For It!

Lisa Rinna Admits To Going Too Far With Facial Fillers After Fans Rip Into Her For It!

Lisa Rinna overdid it a little bit with cosmetic fillers — and she’s admitting it!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was the focus of a new TikTok video this week posted by an aesthetic physician assistant named Nicole Smith. In her TikTok vid, Smith uses a red carpet pic of the 60-year-old reality TV veteran to point out how injectables and cosmetic fillers can be overused and misapplied.

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You can see the video for yourself HERE. It’s really short and to the point, with Smith alleging that the Bravo alum’s facial fillers went a step (or two, or three, or more) too far and threw off the balance of Rinna’s face as a result:

“The key with doing dermal fillers or Botox is to maintain your youthful look. Not to alter and change your appearance. They placed too much filler in the cheeks and mid-face. It completely throws off the full facial balance. With good injection techniques, your results should be undetectable.”

But the video only tells half the story! The real controversy came down in the comments, where literally THOUSANDS of fans shared their surprise. They were shocked that Rinna was the completely unrecognizable focus of the pics in question:

“I can’t believe that’s Lisa Rinna!!!”

“Lisa Rinna and Zac Efron look like twins now”

“is this really better looking than just ageing?”

“I had no idea that was Lisa Rinna”

“And Lisa Rinna used to be so beautiful. She was gorgeous”

“lisa rinna transitioned into jigsaw from the saw franchise?? such an inspiration”

“Not Lisa Rinna! She was so beautiful”

“no wrinkles doesn’t equate to youthful”

“I didn’t even recognize her.”

“Omg is that Lisa Rinna???”

Oof. Some of those comments are so mean! And Kris and Kylie Jenner both caught strays in this controversy, too, as more than a few TikTokers singled them out for unflattering comparisons with Lisa:

“She looks like Kylie Jenner”

“Literally thought it was Kris Jenner”

“Looks like Kylie Jenner”

“I thought it was also Kylie Jenner”

It’s a lot!! In fact, it was so much that Lisa herself felt moved to comment underneath the video using her verified account. Harry Hamlin‘s wife explained late on Thursday that she’d undergone a procedure to add Skinvive injectables (to hydrate and improve smoothness) to her cheeks, but the process hadn’t worked out for her. Thus, she said that she was lucky enough to be able to dissolve them:

“Skinvive is not for everyone, and it was not good for me. Luckily we could dissolve it today. Whew.”

Lisa Rinna reacts facial fillers overdone
/ (c) Lisa Rinna/TikTok


Hey, credit where credit is due — Lisa owned up to the procedure and gave some insight into it not working out. Can’t hate that authenticity. And we hope she’s healthy and OK now! We just wish people in the comments weren’t so damn mean, ya know?? What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Share your takes on Rinna’s admission (below)!

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