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Could Prince Harry & Princess Catherine Make Amends Without Involving William And Meghan??

Not all hope is lost for Prince Harry and Princess Catherine.

It’s no secret that brothers Harry and Prince William are fighting amid a feud between their spouses Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, respectively. Tension between the couples has been high for a looooong time — and it has continued even amid the Princess of Wales’ cancer battle! There’s just no end in sight… or is there?

According to Ingrid Seward via Fabulous on Friday, there’s still a chance for the in-laws to make amends — but not necessarily as a foursome! While it’s currently unclear when Harry will (if ever) reunite with his estranged family, the royal expert believes the “ball is totally in [Kate’s] court.” The My Mother And I author explained:

“He’s always got to protect Meghan, hasn’t he? If [Kate] made an overture to him, he could revive and just have a relationship with her without involving anyone else. I think the ball is totally in her court. And of course, she’s going to want to be loyal to her husband. I don’t think it would be anything to do with William. It would just be between Harry and Kate. And it wouldn’t be anything to do with Megan either.”


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Would they really go behind their spouses’ backs just to reconnect?? It seems hard to fathom at this point, but we suppose if they’re desperate enough to see each other, they could!

That said, even though Kate and Harry were once super close, the future queen is supposedly pissed with her brother-in-law and wants “nothing to do” with him after he took aim at her in his tell-all, Spare! That’s not something she’s gonna get over easily! So, don’t hold your breath on a reunion!

Elsewhere in the chat, the royal insider recalled how the 39-year-old father of two “always wanted a sister.” That’s something he’s said before and his late mother Princess Diana even revealed to the confidant once! And while he may have gotten one for a little bit, their friendship is sadly now said to be “long in the past.” She dished:

“I’m sure that Harry thinks about it a lot. It probably occupies a lot of his thinking time, if he has any thinking time. I think it was a very close relationship.”

But, like, he can’t feel that sorry for himself considering he solidified the rift when calling out Kate (and his other family members) in such an intense way in his memoir and elsewhere after stepping back from royal duties. This was partly his doing! But it’s still intriguing to know the royals could reconcile without forcing everyone to be on the same page! Do YOU think Harry or Kate would ever try to make amends without their partners by their side?? Sound OFF (below)!

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