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We’re always a bit worried when an actor attempts to “transition” into the music world, but Emmy Rossum is the real deal!

She has released an EP on iTunes – a precursor to a full length album in the fall – and it’s good. The songs are really good!

Rossum began her career in opera and learned to play piano before she was five. She also wrote every single song she recorded, and in many ways she has more cred than Avril Lavigne.

Emmy’s sound is angelic, which is right up our alley. But it’s not too pretty. The songs are meaningful, especially Slow Me Down, which we’ve been listening to non-stop since we bought the EP on iTunes.

If you like Imogen Heap, then you will love this. It’s totally a similar vibe to the Brit’s exquisite song Hide & Seek.

Enjoy Rossum’s Slow Me Down below, then CLICK HERE to listen to more songs from Emmy!


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Aug 02, 2007 22:55pm PDT

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