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Listen To This: She Has "It"

Meiko is her name, and you will be hearing a lot more from her!
We are so enamored with her music that we are going to feature not one but two of her songs, Reasons To Love and Piano Song.
If you like singer/songwriters then you will be foaming at the mouth for Meiko.
This new artist grew up in Roberta, Georgia. The first time she sang in public was at an all black Southern Baptist church when she was 8. She got her start in the business as a waitress at Los Angeles’ legendary music venue the Hotel Cafe, and her sound is a beautiful combination of pop, alternative and folk.
We just can’t get enough of her! And we’re pretty confident you will love her just as much too!
Enjoy these two appetizers below and then CLICK HERE to feast on some other fine and divine songs from Meiko.

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Jul 17, 2007 18:02pm PDT

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