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Little Mix Actually Went To Group Therapy Over Jesy Nelson Drama!

little mix, jesy nelson : little mix went to therapy after jesy drama

Ever been through a breakup so bad you needed therapy afterwards? Little Mix has — because of their ex-member Jesy Nelson.

As you may recall, Jesy left the girl group amidst a mental health crisis in December 2020. When she returned to launch her solo career, both sides seemed to stick to that story — but there was some drama regarding “blackfishing” allegations against the singer, and how that had been handled in the band before her departure.

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Beyond generally condemning blackfishing, Little Mix have kept largely mum on the subject. But in a new interview with Buzzfeed, they did drop a major hint about how the band dealt with Jesy’s departure.

Discussing the new tracks from their compilation album Between Us, Perrie Edwards shared:

Cut You Off is about someone who’s really toxic in your life and you don’t want anymore.”

Someone… Hmm… She continued:

“We actually went to therapy as a group, which we think is really, really helpful. We got told to envision the people that are negative in our lives and the people who don’t make us feel very good about ourselves. And we imagined big scissors to cut people off — and then Jade came up with the concept to make it into a song, which I thought was really freaking cool.”

She added:

“We actually love therapy — because we really needed it. We had it individually, we have it as a group as well, which is amazing. So we can all be there together and cry together. It’s really nice.”

Hmm! So if the girls went to therapy right before penning these new songs (the first written and recorded without Jesy), it seems pretty likely they went because of her quitting, right? But does this mean Cut You Off is about the 30-year-old?

The lyrics describe someone who walked away because they thought the “grass out there [is] really greener,” but the singers expect this person will come crawling back. In the chorus, they sing:

“How did we get here? It used to be so good/Nothing lasts forever, but I really thought we could/I know there’ll be tears, but it’s worth a broken heart/If I can’t protect my energy, I gotta cut you off”

Could be about a romantic relationship… could be about a bestie breakup. But it seems to us the one breakup they ALL went through was with a bandmate!

Jesy herself told Vulture in October she was “petrified at the thought” of going solo and “could never imagine us not being together” prior to her departure — clearly, even she had thought they would “last forever.”

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Back at Buzzfeed, the remaining ladies sounded pretty optimistic about their future as a group. Jade Thirlwall reflected:

“One of the main things I’ve learned is that this industry is very fickle. It’s very difficult to maneuver your way around it as women, and as a part of a girl band. But throughout that whole experience, we’ve had each other and helped each other through that. So, I’ve learned that no matter what happens now, and along the way in the future, I’m always going to have this unit to fall back on whenever I’m struggling with anything. And that’s really beautiful. I’m very proud that the three of us have managed to establish that bond together. Yeah, there’s a bit of cheese for you.”

Sounds as though they came out of this period of upheaval stronger than ever! Must have been some good therapy. LOLz!

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