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Lorde Dishes About Her Relationship With Jack Antonoff AND What She Thinks About This Year's Grammy Nominations!

lorde billboard interview jack antonoff grammys
Lorde has a lot to say!
For her sit down with Billboard, the Melodrama singer touched on everything from her relationship with Jack Antonoff to her thoughts on this year’s Grammy nominations. These admissions are pretty major as the 21-year-old is reportedly boycotting the awards show AND was previously accused of being the Bleachers frontman’s rebound following his split from Lena Dunham.
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Juicy, juicy stuff. So, like, you get why we’re intrigued???
Be sure to ch-ch-check out Lorde’s stand out quotes AND take a look at the hitmaker’s stunning cover. All that and more (below)…

Regarding the Grammys, Lorde shared: Cardi B should have gotten a nomination in one of those big categories. [Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) is nominated for best rap song and best rap performance.] She kind of defined 2017. I wish Jack [Antonoff] got nominated for producer of the year, but still he’s well represented, I feel.” On her platonic relationship with Antonoff: “We still FaceTime almost every day. When you work with someone, you sometimes think, ├óΓé¼╦£Maybe it will just be for this time, and we say we’re going to keep in touch but we won’t.’ But we really ├óΓé¼┬ª I’m like, ├óΓé¼╦£Hey, dickhead, what are you getting me for Christmas?'”
On a special moment she shared with Antonoff: “When I came to New York, we had only written together maybe a couple of times, and we were very obsessed with each other on a creative level and as buds. I was sort of doing nothing in New York, and we did this thing where for five days in a row we just kept having dinner every night, just getting to know each other. One night, somehow it came up that I hadn’t had Cap’n Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms. He was like, “We have to do this.” So we went to a bodega, got all of these cereals and went back to his house in Brooklyn and did a little lineup of bowls. We tried, like, 20 different kinds of cereal. [Laughs.] I still think about Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the time.”
On where she sees herself personally in 10 to 15 years: “I love children. I think I am definitely going to end up having children. My short-term goal: I just want to get a dog! I bake a lot. Yesterday, I made this lime cheesecake with Swiss meringue on top — I spent a couple of hours trying to get that right. My life is really quiet. Obviously, this year has been intense for me. It’s nice to have a busy year, but I’m also aware that for the most part my life is going to be pretty quiet. It’s going to be about making this work when I feel like I have something to say. Or spending a long time mastering some weird skill, whether that’s in music or it’s something visual. I feel very excited at the prospect of a quiet life full of listening. Also, I think when you start working very young, it’s easy to imagine just doing that forever and being on a talk show every year for the rest of your life, which is not appealing. It’s nice to work really hard from a young age, but also be like, ‘OK, you can also have a really beautiful life.'”
In regards to her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, she added: “What is really interesting and important about this moment is that every man I know is having to check himself ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ having to be aware of his misogynistic biases, having to re-examine his understanding of consent. I think that is so overdue and so vital. It’s the kind of thing that only comes about when people are brave enough to share and really bring these dudes down. I think every woman is like, ├óΓé¼╦£Oh, my God, it’s happening.’ A really important thing, that Gabrielle Union addressed eloquently, is that we can’t forget that white voices are given their moment much more willingly than voices of color. It’s so important to realize that people of color weren’t afforded this luxury of having everybody listen always. But for me, it feels like one of those things where there’s this chasm that opens and it’s never going to close. You don’t get to un-have this moment. This is forever, and the way this trickles down to everyone’s lives is a permanent thing.”

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