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Lori Loughlin NOT Being Asked Back For Final Season Of 'Fuller House' -- Cast 'Shocked'!

Lori Loughlin fired from Fuller House amid College Admissions Scandal

Well, here it is. Ever since they got past their initial shock over the news pure and proper Aunt Becky got busted by the feds, Fuller House fans have been dreading the other shoe dropping.
Or should we say the show dropping. Her. The show is dropping…
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Whatever, you get it, we’re saying Lori Loughlin has reportedly been fired by Netflix!
While they aren’t coming out and saying it that way (because no one in Hollywood can handle doling out bad news… or rain), the upshot is Aunt Beck absolutely will not be a part of the revival series any longer. And since, as heartbroken fans were told recently, this is the final season, that’s pretty darn final.
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A well-placed production source told TMZ:

Fuller House is not currently in production. Lori is a guest star and was during the previous 4 seasons and there are currently no plans for her to return to the 5th season.”

And the cast is apparently “shocked” by the turn of events. A source told HollywoodLife:

“The cast and crew of Fuller House are all in shock over what’s going on with Lori. No one can even believe what’s happening right now. Lori is so straight and by the books and kind and everyone’s having trouble wrapping their heads around this entire thing. She’s so close with her daughters and is such a family person and a work horse. Nobody wanted to see her go. She was such an integral part of the show.”


How will they handle her absence? Will the show send her to visit Michelle Tanner? Will they completely ignore her existence? OMG will they kill her off??
OK, probably not that last one — this is still a wholesome family show. And all the deaths on Full House occurs before the start of a new series.
As we told you, Loughlin was also let go from her Hallmark show When Calls the Heart, and the network has stopped work on all future projects with the actress. On the series, which has seven more episodes to air, a rep for the network said:

“The series will not air on Sunday, March 17. We are evaluating all creative options related to When Calls the Heart series.”

Hitting the “Hearties” where it hurts!

This news comes after both of her daughters dropped out of USC in fear they’ll be bullied, following the explosive college admissions scandal.
Thought on all of this, Perezcious readers? Is dropping Lori from the series going too far, or proper punishment for her actions??
SOUND OFF in the comments (below) with all your juicy thoughts!
[Image via Netflix.]

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