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Love Is Blind Star Chelsea Blackwell Shows Off Weight Loss In 'Insane' Before & After Pics! LOOK!

Chelsea Blackwell Shows Off ‘Insane’ Difference After Weight Loss

Chelsea Blackwell is feeling better than ever right now!

The Love Is Blind star took to Instagram on Thursday to show off the “insane” progress in her weight loss journey so far. In two snapshots, Chelsea posted in front of a mirror while wearing a sports bra and a pair of leggings to reveal how much she has slimmed down. And she looks so stunning! But beyond her appearance, the reality star said she noticed a change in how she has been feeling, too! She wrote over the images:

“Before & after, absolutely insane the difference in how I look and how I feel.”

That’s amazing! Check out the before and after pics (below):

Chelsea Blackwell Shows Off ‘Insane’ Difference After Weight Loss
(c) Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

So impressive!! How did she do it? Well, Chelsea gave fans tips on what has worked for her to achieve these results on TikTok earlier this week. She began the video by saying:

“I’m not a nutritionist by any means. I also stand by I love my body. I’ve never been a small girl my entire life and I’m OK with that. I love her. She’s healthy and she’s strong. But why I decided to change what I was doing is because I wasn’t feeling healthy. I wasn’t feeling strong. It was affecting my mental health and it was affecting my energy level. So I just decided to change things, and it’s been amazing.”

The changes she made? The Netflix personality explained she incorporates intermittent fasting into her daily routine. When Chelsea breaks her fast, she says she does not “limit” what she eats — but focuses on having a lot of protein, fruits, and vegetables in her meals. She noted she’s gotten into juicing, though she recognizes it is “very expensive” and not for everyone. Additionally, she tries to drink 90 ounces of water every single day in order to be “a hydrated lady.” Moving on from her diet…

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When it comes to exercise, Chelsea shared with followers she’s not a “huge gym girl” and doesn’t go hard during her workouts, but she will do a little bit of lifting. But a big factor in her successfully getting into shape? Just walking! The flight attendant said she attempts to go on a 45-minute walk a day in the morning or afternoon. Love that!

Other things she has done are drink bone broth every morning and take collagen supplements as well as a “detox and debloat” supplement. Chelsea also makes it a priority to get in 8 hours of sleep a night — though she acknowledged that too is not accessible for many people. Nice! Although Chelsea noted she hasn’t actually lost “that much” weight, she has noticed a massive difference in herself:

“I feel better. I feel like my skin feels better. I look better. And I’m able to deliver my best possible self to everyone else around me.”

Incredible! We love her honestly surrounding her weight loss journey! Watch the video (below):


I dont get this figure from lifting weights ???????????? #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #weightlossjouney

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[Image via Netflix/YouTube, Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram]

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