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OMG! Love Is Blind’s Brittany Reveals She Dated THIS Co-Star -- But It Was Cut From The Show!

OMG! Love Is Blind’s Brittany Reveals She Dated THIS Co-Star – But It Was Cut From Show!

This dude was a hot ticket!

Love is Blind‘s Brittany Mills just revealed that there was another man in the picture before she got engaged to Kenneth Gorham in the pods! On Wednesday’s episode of the De-Influenced podcast, the Netflix reality star teased:

“I was actually dating somebody else. And it didn’t get shown because he was in a lot of drama. And poor Kenneth, like I had him on the edge of his seat.”

Really? She must’ve been pretty serious with the other guy! So who was it???

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The host took a shot at who the mystery suitor could’ve been — and nailed it when suggesting Jimmy Presnell! AKA the one who ended up with Megan Fox‘s so-called lookalike Chelsea Blackwell after some heated drama with single momma Jessica Vestal!

Jimmy Presnell Dated Brittany on Love Is Blind
(c) Netflix/YouTube

So, yeah, he did have enough controversy on his plate. And it makes sense why the producers cut out his romance with Brittany! On why Brittany was attracted to him, she dished:

“He’s just really smooth with his words.”

Uh-huh! But ultimately, there was one important thing that drew her to the school principal more! She explained:

“I was like, ‘he is so God-fearing. Brittany, that is what you need.’ And Jimmy and I talked about it. He was like, ‘Honestly, I would kind of like need you to like lead me that way.'”

The hopeful romantic added:

“And while that is okay, like this is not speaking down on him or like that he is not worthy for another — I don’t have, I’ll just use the word time, or you know, whatever, to be confident in that and be like, ‘Okay, I’ll do that too.'”

So, she picked Kenneth! But as we all saw, they never made it down the aisle — though neither did Jimmy! Wild to think what could’ve been if we’d seen this other connection play out on screen! Thoughts? Do you think they would’ve made a cute couple? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube]

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