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Madonna Mocks Trolls With Another Bizarre Filtered Video & Shady Message Following Criticism!

Madonna Leans In To Mockery With Bizarre Filtered Video!

Madonna could care less about the hate!

The pop star took to Instagram with another heavily filtered video just one week after fans blasted her online for appearing “creepy” in a TikTok! This time, the 63-year-old’s face was turned into a cartoon with accentuated features such as big lips and long eyelashes. She also wore pink hair clips and sunglasses. The short clip started with quick shots of her licking a cookie and taking a sip of water. Then she told viewers:

“It’s so horrible when you have something in your throat and you don’t know what it is.”


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An unidentified man in the background joked:

“That’s what they say.”

LOLz! Skipping over the NSFW joke, Madonna continued:

“No, seriously, it’s like some weird fur… That sounded bad.”

She then admired her jewelry including an IceLink necklace that she called “dope” even though it was “not even real.” Speaking about her over-the-top filter, she teased:

“But everything about this filter is real. It’s really, really cute.”

Happy, she stuck her tongue out for the camera before concluding:

“I’m finished. Absolutely no regrets.”

She also seemingly acknowledged all the unnecessary hate in her caption, adding:

“It’s Been a Tough Week…….,,,,.,

Aw! Ch-ch-check it out!

Even though the singer was clearly just having fun playing around with a new filter, some fans have still taken to the comment section to slam her for changing too much.

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A few haters wrote:

“Where’s the Madonna that I knew and loved for decades? I’m just bewildered at this point. I understand continued reinvention, but …”

“What do you want from us?

“Why can’t you just do live naturally?”

“Using doll filter won’t make previous pics real tho. Stop”

Thankfully, many more supporters were there to cheer her on, chiming in:

“Take that, haters!”

“Impossible not to love her”

“Bratt doll queen”

“Uh oh.. Madonna is having fun, how dare she. Let the media and fan outrage ensue”

As mentioned, this comes just after the Material Girl posted a so-called “disturbing” 13-second video on TikTok in which she gave fans a virtual kiss in slow motion. Despite the light-hearted nature of the post, fans were SO harsh in the comments, claiming the content scared them! It’s nice to see fewer trolls reacting to her most recent post and it’s even better to know that Madonna is ignoring the hate and just doing what she does best: being her authentic self! Thoughts?

[Image via Madonna/Instagram]

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