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Paula Patton Gets ROASTED On Twitter For 'Ridiculous' Fried Chicken Cooking Video!

Paula Patton Gets ROASTED On Twitter For 'Ridiculous' Fried Chicken Cooking Video!

UPDATE 4/6/2022 7:40 A.M. PST: Paula has responded to the critics, with positivity and a BIG smile!

In part, she shared:

“It’s all good because everybody’s got their own way of making things… And I’ll take suggestions, I’ll make a new kind of fried chicken, but I’m gonna always make my mom’s chicken the way she did it. We put the seasoning in the oil and all that. It’s just the way we do it.”

Watch the full video response (below)!


Paula Patton is getting roasted online!

The 46-year-old actress thought she was doing a good deed a few weeks ago when she took to Instagram to fry up some chicken and show her fans how it’s done! But now, almost exactly a month later, her recipe has gone viral, and for ALL the WRONG reasons!

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It all started back on March 4, when the Four Kids And It actress posted a 5-minute-long vid for her 424,000 IG followers in which she showed fans how she likes to cook chicken. It all seems like vintage celeb fare — a cheery host on camera, a beautiful kitchen to work in, blah, blah, blah.

But take a look at the video (below) and you’ll start to notice why Patton’s chicken-frying content — which she says she got from her own mother — went so viral now four weeks later:

Whoa! So, first off, she gets quite controversial with the poultry cleaning! And the SEASONINGS! (Or lack thereof!) Who adds the seasonings to the grease, and not the dry mix beforehand?!?! Also, the finished product at the end is literally still pink inside. It’s not cooked!!!

Thankfully, we weren’t the only ones taken aback by all this. One TikTok user’s video reacting to Paula’s kitchen mishap blew up on Twitter, logging millions of views on Monday. As you can see (below), this reaction video is on point, too, laying out all the ways in which Paula’s fried chicken recipe is disturbing and problematic:


After that clip was posted, thousands of other reactions came in via Twitter, as well, and Paula’s name trended for a bit on the social media site. As you can see (below), some of the takes on Patton’s chicken disaster were truly hilarious:

“Paula please go take a chicken frying class cos that’s just ridiculous.”

“This is a crime! Can’t think what’s worse— the lack of seasoning, the burnt outside or the pink chicken!”

“How in the world do you NOT season the flour??? Why in the WORLD would you sprinkle seasoning on the chicken while it’s in the grease?!”

“lawdd somebody get these celebrities out the kitchen”

“Not Paula putting the seasonings in the OIL omg. Also it wasn’t cooked omg I need some Popeyes to cleanse my soul wow”

“No seasoning?! No egg coat??? No second dredge?!?!? Someone grab a bell and follow Paula Patton around yelling “SHAME!” until she learns how to properly cook because omg”

“I was wondering why Paula Patton was trending….this is some fowl stuff here”

“After watching this tragedy, I knew the comments would be hilarious! I was not disappointed! I laughed so hard that my neighbor called to ask if I was ok. I shared the video with her and now I can hear her laughing from her apartment….2 floors above!”


What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on all this craziness down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Paula Patton/Instagram]

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