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Why Malcom In The Middle Star Frankie Muniz Will 'Never' Let His Son Become A Child Actor!

Malcolm In The Middle Frankie Muniz Will Never Let Son Become Child Actor

Frankie Muniz is one of the most successful child stars of all time. But it’s not something he wants for his own son!

The Malcolm In The Middle alum left the industry after the show’s run and a couple movie appearances. He had made enough money and decided it wasn’t his passion (which is stock car racing btw, so that’s not the safest thing either! LOLz!). But now he’s a 38-year-old dad, and he already knows he’s not going to be a showbiz dad.

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In an interview with Pedestrian TV this week, he stated clearly:

“I would never let my kid into the business.”

His son Mauz, whom he shares with wife Paige Price, is just 3 years old now.

But Frankie already knows he wants that kid clear of the limelight! He explained:

“And not that I had a negative experience, because to be honest, my experience was 100% positive. But I know so many people, friends that were close to me, that had such insanely negative experiences. It’s an ugly world in general.”

Oof. He must have seen some real horror stories to feel that way when he was so successful. Of course, we’re only now getting a clearer idea what some kids who were stars around the same time or just after have gone through. You only need watch that Quiet On Set doc to get the picture of what Frankie might be afraid of. Obviously Drake Bell‘s story, something that stayed buried for 20 years, is kind of the worst case scenario. But there’s plenty of other potential problems — like simply failing to make it!

The Big Fat Liar star knows how lucky he was, noting “there’s a ton of rejection” even before you get to the point of getting into those terrible situations:

“I would say becoming a successful actor is like winning the lottery, because in the beginning, that’s what it is. I think people think it’s an easy thing to break into but I like to be honest about it and say there’s a million people in Hollywood who tried, maybe they’re amazing actors — they can be the best actors on the planet — but they don’t even get the opportunity. It’s not like going into a different industry where you can work really hard and get into it.”

See Frankie’s full remarks (below)!


After working as a child actor, Malcolm In The Middle star Frankie Muniz never wants his son following in his footsteps. #frankiemuniz #malcolminthemiddle #quietonset #imacelebau

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What do YOU think? Would you let your kid try to become a child star??

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