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Child Actress Says Nickelodeon Sent Actors Computers With CSAM Loaded On Them!

Nickelodeon Gave Child Stars CSAM Haunted Hathaways Amber Frank

For years former child actors have been sharing horror stories about their time at Nickelodeon. Unfortunately it took a docuseries, everything being organized and presented on TV, for folks to listen. But they’re listening now!

After Drake Bell and others bravely came forward on Investigation Discovery‘s Quiet On Set, more child stars have been sharing. And over the weekend a really shocking one came out.

Video: Drake Bell Calls Out Nickelodeon’s BS Response In First Interview Since Doc!

Amber Frank, who played Taylor Hathaway on The Haunted Hathaways, took to her Instagram Stories to make one of the most shocking accusations we’ve heard about the network yet! The actress, who went by Amber Montana in her child star days, told her followers Nickelodeon gave the child stars — or at least the production — a bunch of child sexual abuse material! She began:

“One of the horrifying things that happened in my experience with Nickelodeon was when Nickelodeon sent computers over to production when we were starting filming the show. And when they were turned on there was child porn on them.”

What the serious eff? HOW???

She isn’t even saying there was CSAM hidden somewhere in files, she’s saying it was there when they turned them on? Like someone intended for the kids to see it? Amber, who started on the show when she was just 13 years old, continued:

“And nobody was held accountable. There was no investigation. Never even found out where it came from or who was responsible.”

Even if the presence of child porn wasn’t intentional by the network, they’re still clearly to blame for not doing an investigation to make sure the person who did it was never allowed to work with children ever again! Come on, that’s the least they could do!

Now 25, Amber concludes:

“It’s beyond heartbreaking to know that a company that was employing children failed miserably at protecting them.”

You said it.

You can see Alexa Nikolas, who also has had plenty to say about the network, react to the shocking video on her own channel (below):

[Image via Nickelodeon/Investigation Discovery/YouTube/Amber Frank/Instagram.]

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Mar 26, 2024 17:50pm PDT