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Man Arrested For Murder -- Caught Walking Around With SEVERED HAND In His Pocket!

Man Arrested For Murder -- Caught Walking Around With SEVERED HAND In His Pocket!

A Colorado man has been caught red handed — literally — and charged with first degree murder.

Last week, 26-year-old Solomon Martinez  showed up at a car wash covered in dirt and blood. His roommate Joshua Mazzurco and another witness were there. According to court docs obtained by KRDO, they say he used a power washer to blast blood off his hands. Uhhh… He allegedly asked Joshua if, in exchange for $1,000 being knocked off his debt, he’d dig a “ten foot hole.”

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The roommate suspected Solomon had killed somebody, and says the alleged perp struggled to move something “big” in the back of his car. The next day, the other witness called the Pueblo Police Department and told them he had also been asked to dig a hole… That roomie claimed to his hole, Solomon allegedly brought the remains of what appeared to be a dead woman. OMG?!

The caller said the corpse was decapitated, but disgustingly, the head was still with the body. They also showed cops footage of the remains near Fountain Creek. He told the cops about Joshua and the car wash story that came out earlier. Through him, police were able to find out more about Solomon — including the fact that he apparently worked for a security company.

For his own part, Solomon definitely didn’t appear innocent upon his arrest by Pueblo police officers during the course of their investigation. When PPD arrived and placed him into custody, they discovered a SEVERED HUMAN HAND wrapped in a plastic bag in his left breast pocket.


According to the court docs, at one point, he admitted to officers:

“I had a hand in my jacket for two days.”

Holy s**t…

Solomon allegedly confessed to spending time with the deceased woman the night before — for what he says was sex work. However, he denied killing her when pressed by police. He claimed the actual killer was the witness — not Joshua, but the other unidentified claimant who initially called the police. Cops believe the severed hand belongs to the deceased woman, but they apparently aren’t buying Martinez’s story.

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Solomon had no other criminal history. And weirdly, he had only been working for the security company for about 50 hours prior to his arrest. Oh, and cops also say they found red stains in the back of his car consistent with dried blood. Yeah… The accused killer is currently being held on a $1 million dollar cash bond.

We just hope that poor woman gets justice.

[Image via Pueblo Police Department]

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