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82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey

82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey

An 82-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a group of ATV and dirt bike riders in Boston last Thursday evening while out getting this Thanksgiving turkey in preparation for the holiday.

The man, who was unidentified by police in news reports, was apparently afflicted with “serious injuries” such that he was forced to be hospitalized to recover.

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His daughter spoke to local Boston TV outlet WCVB earlier this week, sharing the man’s horrifying story and explaining her frustration with the devastating timeline of events, saying (below):

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s simply traveling somewhere and then he gets attacked, and it’s heartbreaking for us to know that it’s not safe for our 82-year-old father to be out by himself. [We’re] discouraged at humanity, in general, to know that someone — or more than someone — can get together and beat on a defenseless elderly man.”

According to a press release from the Massachusetts State Police, the man was going out to retrieve his Thanksgiving turkey last Thursday evening at around 7:30 p.m.

He was driving through the Fenway neighborhood of the city of Boston in his 1996 Buick Century, when he was approached by a group of “about 30 to 40 off-road motorcycles and ATVs. According to police, he was forced off to the right-hand side of the road before “several [members of the group] began smashing the windows of the victim’s car.”

The group of riders allegedly surrounded his car at least two more times as he drove through the neighborhood, attempting to reach a police sub-station in the area. Eventually, the man rolled down his window at one point while stuck in traffic and asked people in another car to call 9-1-1.

The press release goes on to state:

“[They began] kicking and striking the victim’s vehicle again. While the victim’s car window was down, one of the riders, a male, approached him on foot and began punching the victim through the open window. At the same time, other riders continued to kick the victim’s car. One of the suspects threw a piece of pipe through the car’s rear window; another threw a large rock through one of the car windows.”


The victim’s daughter is horrified by the whole situation, adding:

“He was going to pick up a turkey. That’s all he was doing. A simple errand at 7:30 at night. You wouldn’t think that it would be a dangerous time for someone to be out. He’s still beat up and swollen. He’s still in a lot of pain, but he’s getting stronger and getting better every day. That’s the hardest thing for us to wrap our heads around, that there’s people out there that are violent, angry, careless. We do look at this as an attempted murder. This wasn’t just some sort of assault. He could have really died.”

No kidding.

He was eventually taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but thankfully the man “is expected to survive.”

Police are still trying to figure out why the man was attacked — and what the group’s intentions were.

Police released footage of the ATV and biker group in the moments prior to the incident, which you can see here via WCVB Channel 5 Boston (below):


So terrifying.

We hope they catch those involved in committing these horrible, violent, unnecessary acts.

[Image via WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube]

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