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Man's Stomach Pains Revealed To Be 3-Foot Headphone Cord Stuck In His BLADDER! HOW?!?

Man Rushed To ER After 3-Foot-Long Headphone Cord Gets Stuck In His BLADDER?!

This poor man’s stomach pains turned out to have a jaw-dropping cause…

According to a report in The Sun, an unnamed 34-year-old man in Indonesia was rushed to the emergency room recently with terrible stomach pains. Once there, he informed doctors that he had “agony when urinating” and was doubled over in pain.

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Doctors took action, ordering x-rays and performing other tests to figure out what might be causing the torment. But they never in a million years could have guessed the true cause…

“Visible and quickly identified” in the x-rays? A headphone wire. A long one, nearly THREE FEET in length! According to the medical journal Radiology Case Reports. The wire was apparently “coiled” inside the man’s bladder, and required immediate removal to quell his pain and prevent further complications.

But… how did it get in there?! Well, let’s just say he didn’t accidentally drink his ear buds…

Eventually, the man revealed to them that he had “inserted an earphone wire into his urethra while masturbating”!

Oh dear lord we will never stop cringing at that reveal…

Apparently the act is common enough it has a name: “urethral sounding.” According to the report, the man copped to performing the act on his penis “between 3-5 times per week” for “sexual pleasure and gratification.” Hey, we do NOT want to shame anyone for their kinks, but it has to be said: THIS IS CLEARLY NOT SAFE if you’re getting a whole 80 centimeter-long object get stuck ALL the way inside!

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Fortunately for the patient, the lengthy tech tool had not attached itself to his bladder wall. The shocked medical professionals were able to extract the whole thing in short order using just grasping forceps. (Yep, there’s that cringe again…) The man was apparently lucky because, per the outlet, if he had waited longer to go in to the emergency room, the headphone cord “could have gotten tangled inside the bladder and more difficult to retrieve.”


The medical journal further stated their assessment of the patient’s situation:

“[The patient] showed no apparent psychotic behaviors and was mentally well. Even though he was mentally sound, the voluntary introduction of objects into the urethral meatus for sexual gratification reflects a psychopathological condition. Self-inserted urinary bladder foreign bodies for sexual gratification generate a significant challenge for physicians due to its difficult diagnosis and management. Most patients were late to be admitted due to embarrassment leading to serious short-term and long-term complications.”

Things went so well with the grasping forceps that the man was apparently healthy enough to be discharged from the hospital the very next day. That’s a relief! At least this story has a happy ending? So to speak?

Still, we’re just not sure what to think about this. It sends the worst kind of chill down our spine. Well, we say “spine”… LOLz!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Sony/YouTube]

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Apr 15, 2022 11:39am PDT