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Marc Maron SLAMS 'F**king Insecure' Men Offended By Barbie

Marc Maron SLAMS ‘F**cking Insecure’ Men Offended By Barbie

Marc Maron’s Barbie review is in… And he’s got quite the message for “right-wing” critics.

In a TikTok uploaded to the video sharing app on Tuesday, the 59-year-old comedian gave his thoughts on Greta Gerwig’s “masterpiece” blockbuster:

“I saw Barbie and I thought it was a f**king masterpiece, and, like, I don’t throw that word around lightly. But Jesus Christ, right? I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t even that excited about going.”

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He continued:

“It’s like, it does a fairly amazing thing to create a sort of broad-based entertainment product that applies to the entire spectrum, I think primarily of women, and then just seep it in progressive politics and basic feminism in a way that’s funny, informative, and well-executed in a context that is completely engaging, is f**king monumental.”

The WTF With Marc Maron host added:

“It shouldn’t be, but it is pretty radical, and it’s, you know, intentionally, thoroughly explaining feminist ideas in a way that’s funny. I’ve just never seen anything like it. And I guess the world is having the same experience on all different levels.”

He then shifted focus to some of the comedy aimed at men in the film, which has been a heated topic of debate among conservative pundits:

“The comedy about men is inspired. And the fact that certain men took offense to the point where they tried to build a grift around it, in terms of their narrative as right wing, is so embarrassing for them. I mean, so embarrassing for them.”

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He then took things a step further, calling out the “insecure babies” who took offense to the film’s comedic angles:

“Any dude who can’t take those hits in that movie, they’ve really got to look in their pants and decide what they’re made of, I mean Jesus Christ. What a bunch of f**king insecure babies.”


Now THIS is the type of commentary a grown man should be having after watching a movie based on a doll! Lolz! Take notes, boys!


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He then gave the “script” and “performances” their dues, concluding that he felt “proud” after his viewing — and TikTok users agreed! In the comments, they wrote things like:

“My family ALL loved it. I’m 53, wife 51, daughter 26, son 22. Great conversations afterward too. Very good movie.”

“I didn’t want to go see it but my ADULT SONS couldn’t wait! They laughed until they cried and so did I! LOVED IT”

“When we walked out my hubby said ‘AI can’t write that.’ We loved it!”

“I am SO happy it got released at the same time as the strikes. It shows us the brilliance of the writing and performances that [are] at risk!”

Agreed! The film, which stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Michael Cera, and many, MANY more, is in theaters now! Have you checked it out yet?!

[Images via Marc Maron/TikTok & Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube]

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