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Mark Sanchez Asserts Dominance Over Tim Tebow

mark sanchez asserts dominance over tebow as number one qb
Mark Sanchez seems to be marking his territory as the #1 QB on the Jets!
After a rocky season last year, with his 26 turnovers, and the Jets bringing on media sensation Tim Tebow, Sanchez has really had to step up his game and make sure everyone knows he’s top dog.
He’s been trying to be a better leader recently, saying:

“One of the things I felt more comfortable doing, especially with the young wideout group was getting on those guys and letting them know that when you come in the huddle, and I’m not being selfish here, that this is my huddle. There are a lot of things I need to go through to put us in the right position to be successful, and coach is expecting me to do that.
It’s not necessarily in my genetic makeup to start yelling at guys. But there’s a time and a place to give somebody a hug, to jump up and give him a chest bump and high five, and there are other times where you have to get on guys. You have to find the right way to reach different people. I think I’m navigating that a lot better now.”

So he’s making sure that the team knows that when they’re on offense, he runs the show.
Good to see him stepping up with hungry Tebow chomping at the bit.
Sanchez continued:

“As a quarterback in any organization, you have to get better and learn from your mistakes the previous year. It’s my job to deliver it and be the trigger-man that this team needs, and I’m ready to do that. I’m excited about this team and our potential.”

We’re excited to see what happens between you and Tebow!
Who will be the best QB??
We can’t wait to see! Best of luck to both of you!
[Image via AP Images.]

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Aug 17, 2012 17:01pm PDT

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