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Martha Stewart Dumped Anthony Hopkins After Silence Of The Lambs Because She Was Afraid He'd EAT HER!

Martha Stewart Anthony Hopkins on the red carpet

Martha Stewart loves serving a good dinner, but she apparently once feared she’d be the main course for her then-boyfriend, Sir Anthony Hopkins!

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, the lifestyle guru revealed that the reason she dumped the Silence of the Lambs star in the ‘90s was because he was too good at his job — meaning, she had trouble separating him from his onscreen persona, Hannibal Lector, and feared he might take a bite out of her IRL!

The revelation came during a rousing game of “Where’s the lie?”, which saw the 80-year-old reading three facts about herself and Ellen DeGeneres having to guess which one was made up. During the second round, Martha claimed she dated Hopkins but broke up with him because she couldn’t stop thinking of him as the cannibalistic serial killer he portrayed on the big screen, that she was asked to host Saturday Night Live and her biggest regret was saying “no,” and that she has a tattoo of her dog Creme Brulee on her foot.

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Ellen guessed that the SNL one and the tattoo one were the truths, but it turned out the tattoo was a lie — and that she really did dump Hopkins because she was low key terrified of him!

She elaborated:

“I have a big scary house in Maine that’s way by itself on 100 acres in the forest and I couldn’t even imagine taking Anthony Hopkins there. I couldn’t, all I could think of was him eating you know…”

Oh, we know!

After Stewart insisted she “wouldn’t think of having a tattoo,” Ellen quipped:

“I wouldn’t either, but I just thought, you’re tough.”

To which Martha replied:

“It’s not about being tough, it’s about growing old with tattoos that get stretched out and ugly.”

Always thinking about aesthetics!

An equally shocking revelation was made during the first round of the game. Martha claimed that she was struck by lightning three times, that she’s going to be a shark on Shark Tank, and that she did a handstand on the Ellen show. Interestingly, the lie ended up being about Shark Tank. (She was offered the gig, apparently, but didn’t want to live in California to film it.)

When a surprised Ellen asked about Martha being a literal lighting rod, the mogul said:

“It’s actually crazy. I think its actually good for you. If it doesn’t kill you, I think it’s good for you… Once it came out of my water faucet. I was leaning against my iron sink and I saw the lightning go down the pipe in my garden then back up through the water, hit me on my stomach and threw me on the floor. And my husband found me. I was alive, but not very comfortable. The other time, the lightning bolt came right through the skylight in my house… I just attract electricity…”

But not cannibals, thankfully!

[Image via Movieclips/YouTube/Avalon/WENN]

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