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Wife Haunted After Surf Instructor Husband Murdered Their Children, 'Had No Clue' He'd Gotten Into QAnon

Matthew Taylor Coleman Surf Instructor Murdered Children QAnon Conspiracy Theories Wife Abby

[Warning: Disturbing Content]

Earlier this month, we told you the story of one of the most shocking crimes we’ve ever heard — and that is saying something.

A 40-year-old surf instructor, a man whom other parents trusted to watch over and protect their kids in the ocean during lessons, allegedly murdered his own children after becoming obsessed with QAnon.

According to authorities, Matthew Taylor Coleman put his 2-year-old son Kaleo and 8-month-old daughter Roxy into a van and drove them down from their home in Santa Barbara to a ranch in Mexico. There he ritualistically put the helpless little ones against a wooden stake and murdered them with a spearfishing gun — stabbing them a dozen times each — and left them there to be discovered later.

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Coleman was arrested trying to re-enter the US. FBI agents investigating the crime say he admitted to the murders — and told them he felt compelled to end his children’s lives because of his belief in QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories, which had convinced him the tykes had inherited “serpent DNA” from their mother.

About their mother…

Meanwhile Abby Coleman apparently had no idea about any of this. She and Matthew had been packing for a camping trip when he impulsively disappeared with the kids. The next thing she knew, her children were dead and her husband had been imprisoned. Since then it’s been three weeks of pure hell.

We’d heard Abby was unaware of the extent to which her husband had fallen prey to the insidious conspiracy theories which have grown like a deadly fungus in the minds of our nation these past few years. However, we’re only now learning the full extent of her ignorance — and therefore her shock at Matthew’s turn.

On Monday, a family friend told People magazine:

“She didn’t see this coming. No one did. But for her, she’s starting to question everything she ever knew about her husband. It’s devastating.”

We can’t even imagine. To trust someone so much you bring children into the world with them, only for this to happen. It’s the ultimate betrayal.

People also obtained the criminal complaint which contains Abby’s statements to the FBI. Apparently she told them the couple had not been having any fights or other marital problems. Everything was fine, so far as she knew. Even when he disappeared with the children, she did not believe they were in any danger and fully expected him to return home with them quickly.

The confidant told the outlet:

“Abby had no clue whatsoever. So now she’s wondering what she could have done to stop it. Those questions are going to haunt her.”

Of course they’ll haunt her. After all, there must have been some signs. They weren’t only married, they worked together, having founded a popular surfing school called Lovewater that they ran. Seeing one another all day, every day, and she could never tell he was going off the deep end?

Did he keep everything he was reading on Facebook and wherever else completely to himself? It seems over the months it must have taken to become fully brainwashed, he would have said something that popped up as a red flag, something about the “visions and signs” he later told the FBI he had been receiving. But the family friend, who knew them both for seven years, insists no one knew about these beliefs:

“This was news to everyone, including Abby. If she had any idea that he was believing all this, she would’ve helped him get help. But she didn’t know. And now the worst has happened.”

This seems to be the worst case ever of the bad information out on the internet radicalizing someone. Most times people just vote against their interests, stop speaking to family members who say bad things about Donald Trump, that kind of thing. Most, while indoctrinated, are able to keep one foot in the real world and NOT shoot up a pizzeria or murder their children. Does that mean they don’t really fully believe these insane theories? That somewhere in them they know it’s all B.S.?? We hope so. Because there are far too many following this Q crap to think that they could all turn out like Matthew Taylor Coleman.

We mean, if so… how many Abbys are out there, having no idea what’s coming?

[Image via LoveWater Surf School/Instagram]

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