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Royals STILL Lying To Make Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Look Bad -- And There's Proof!

Meghan Markle Palace Lying Prince Harry Netflix Reached Out

Wow, we haven’t seen this much of a shift in a he said/she said fight since Shia LaBeouf dropped that video of Olivia Wilde!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been engaged in a war of credibility with the Royal Family for the past couple years now. The Sussexes have made various bold claims about how the palace treated Meghan — and in turn Royal sources have invariably painted the Suits actress as a liar looking for attention. But what if those “Royal sources” were identified — and caught in a lie?

That’s exactly what happened on Friday! OK, let’s rewind…

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One of the many criticisms lobbed at Harry and Meghan, the couple’s eponymous new Netflix show, is that it was produced with reckless indifference. Prince Harry was just looking to lash out on behalf of his wife, and they just made their new claims irresponsibly — heck, they didn’t even give the Palace a heads up! Totally unprofessional etiquette for a documentary production, right? But that’s what the Royals claimed.

The official first response to the docuseries from Buckingham Palace (which represents King Charles III and Queen Camilla) and Kensington Palace (which represents Prince William and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton) spokespersons was that they had never been approached for comment.

However, just hours later their story changed. Royal sources (keep that term in mind) instead said the Palaces had been contacted — we guess they realized producers could prove they’d sent emails. Pretty simple, really. So the new story was, the emails had been sent from “a third-party production company” — not Netflix or Meghan and Harry’s Archewell Productions. Palace aides had tried to reach out to Netflix and Archewell through official channels to make sure it was legit before sending a response but couldn’t get in touch. That way they had plausible deniability, right? No one could prove they knew for sure Harry and Meghan reached out. And they already got the headlines they wanted.

Harry and Meghan didn’t care who they hurt, they didn’t give the Palace a chance to tell their side, it was a hit-and-run situation. It hurt the credibility of the whole production. How could you trust anything they say? It’s like one of those awful unauthorized biography movies on Lifetime. Right?

Here’s the thing, though… There’s evidence that story was BS.

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According to Buzzfeed News, there’s proof Lee Thompson, communications director for William and Catherine, not only received that email and knew where it was from, he responded! He actually asked for early footage of the docuseries! The outlet says they saw the emails between Thompson and one of the show’s producers, and their authenticity was confirmed by production company Story Syndicate.

OK, but maybe the Royal sources claiming ignorance didn’t know that? Wrong! Buzzfeed also says they can confirm Lee Thompson WAS the “Royal source” being quoted! He and his Buckingham counterpart, Tobyn Andreae, communications secretary to Charles and Camilla, were the ones telling UK outlets the new story, the crap about not realizing where the email was coming from.

If this is true, it’s proof Prince William and King Charles’ top aides are 100% still lying about Harry and Meghan. They’re putting out stories under the guise of anonymous “Royal sources” specifically to make the Sussexes look bad. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, it’s one of the claims made in Harry and Meghan!

But hey, we can’t trust anything they say in the docuseries, right?? Damn.

Does this change YOUR opinion of the Sussexes and their TV show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below)!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube.]

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