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Twitter Compares UK Media's Coverage Of Meghan Markle Bullying Claims & Prince Andrew's Pedophilia Scandal

Meghan Markle Prince Andrew coverage scandals comparison

The dramatic responses from Buckingham Palace and the UK media to those Meghan Markle bullying claims have people scratching their heads!

As we reported, the Palace revealed it would be launching a probe into the accusations that Meg and Prince Harry’s former aides allegedly made about the Duchess of Sussex bullying them to tears before the iconic pair stepped back from being senior members of the fam in 2020.

The alleged former aides told The Times that complaints were made about Meg’s behavior toward her staff to the palace’s HR department, but were swept under the rug. In response to the explosive report, the royal HQ said it would be looking into the complaints to learn from what happened. But Twitter isn’t having a second of it!

Why? Because of a double standard — and a pretty egregious one at that.

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Social media users far and wide hissed at the palace’s investigation into the California native’s bullying scandal, seeing as the same palace didn’t so much as bat an eye at Prince Andrew’s headline making pedophilia scandal in connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Others slammed the British media for treating Meghan’s controversy of possible rudeness with the same, if not more, scrutiny as Andrew’s much more serious scandal, fuming:

“Sorry media, I’m not going to take a single story about Meghan Markle seriously until Prince Andrew is drop kicked into the sun.”

“Just waiting for the announcement from Royal Aides over their shock & horror at Prince Andrew’s close friendship with a sex trafficker & the Prince’s notorious free loading .”

“The character assassination of Meghan Markle by the press is insane and so blatant! Yet Prince Andrew is out here…. let me not even start”

“Prince. Andrew. Is. Right. There”

“Imagine for a moment if we lived in a world where the media scrutinised Prince Andrew as much as they do Meghan Markle”

They have a point!

Now, to be clear, the UK press did cover the Duke of York’s scandal as it unfolded, with outlets calling him an “outcast” and saying he was “shamed into stepping down.” But those headlines — which, again, were about a pedophilia and sex trafficking scandal — were SO MUCH tamer than the headlines about Meghan’s bullying controversy, as outlets described it as a “nightmare” and “the worst royal crisis since the abdication.” So, we have to agree with these Twitics here.

They’re acting like Andrew played football in the house and broke a vase — when in reality he’s offered an extremely weak and unbelievable defense to accusations he partook in his old pal Epstein’s underage trafficking. And his slap on the wrist by The Firm has not been treated like the travesty it is — we mean, it’s been over a year since the Department of Justice revealed the Duke of York has not been cooperating at all with their investigation — and we certainly haven’t seen a ton of headlines calling for the Palace to do something. But Meghan was too bossy, and you’d think there was an air raid siren!

Meghan herself was said to be “saddened” by the report, with her rep alluding to her history of being mistreated by the UK press. The spokesperson said in a statement:

“The Duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma. [Meghan] is determined to continue her work building compassion around the world and will keep striving to set an example for doing what is right and doing what is good.”

Sounds like both Meghan and her supporters are very over biased reporting across the pond!


[Image via Avalon/WENN]

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