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Meghan McCain Hilariously TROLLS Donald Trump After His Historic Loss In Arizona!

Meghan McCain Donald Trump Shade Arizona Election Results

Meghan McCain is trolling the hell out of Donald Trump! And he totally deserves it!

On Thursday evening, the President officially lost the vote in Arizona — Meghan’s home state, which her late father John McCain proudly represented in the US Senate — to Democrat-elect Joe Biden.

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Trump’s loss is CRAZY historic, too. For one, it’s been 24 years since Arizona voted for a Democrat for President (Bill Clinton was the last, in 1996)! And aside from Clinton, Arizona hadn’t gone for the Democrat since 1948 when they voted for Harry S. Truman! That’s ONE majority vote for a Democrat in the last 72 YEARS… so this should’ve been an easy win for Trump!

And yet the state came through for Biden. Why? Well, as close as it was you can’t discount Trump’s awful treatment of the McCain family — true Arizona royalty.

And so we come to Meghan’s brilliant Thursday night tweet. Referencing Trump’s own infamous words from his last campaign, Meghan brought things full circle, tweeting:


Of course, that meme is a reference to one of Trump’s most controversial comments ever. Back when he was still running for President in 2015, at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit, the brash New Yorker was asked about McCain’s military service and time spent as a prisoner of war in Vietnam — and he shocked the world with his response:

“He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Yeah… even saying things like that, Trump somehow still won his first presidential election one year later. And he continued to say awful things about McCain for the next few years, even after the beloved statesman’s death from brain cancer in 2018. He even implied the late Senator was rotting in hell in a June 2019 speech! Seriously, look!

Considering how Biden only won Arizona by about 11,000 votes, you have to wonder if just being kind — just being a damned human — to the family after McCain’s passing would have changed things. But for Trump that was a bridge too far. He just isn’t capable of it. Not even for personal profit. He’s just an awful, awful person. That’s who he is.

Sadly there are quite a few states who were able to shrug off having such a horrible person as their president. But not enough!

Buh bye, Donald! We like people who don’t lose Arizona!

[Image via The View/YouTube/Johnny Louis/WENN/Instar.]

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Nov 13, 2020 12:30pm PDT