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Mel B's Former Hair Stylist Files EXPLOSIVE Lawsuit Alleging The Singer Swindled Him Out Of $200K & Illegally Had Drugs Prescribed In His Name!

Mel B's former hairstylist files lawsuit!

Mel B‘s former close friend files a MAJOR lawsuit against her!

On Thursday, obtained legal documents where Gary Madatyan accuses the Spice Girl of “abuse” — specifically by allegedly swindling him out of $200K and having prescription drugs prescribed in his name.

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Per the papers, the 40-year-old first met the musician in 2017 and served as her hair and wardrobe stylist. Eventually, the two grew close, and he allegedly became her live-in personal assistant, butler, manager, life coach, nanny, and “jack-of-all-trades.”

“Scary Spice” allegedly “preyed” on Gary’s “empathy” and his “desire to get her healthy,” and requested he move into her apartment complex so he could be by her side 24/7.

The America’s Got Talent judge allegedly “knew how to tug” on Madatyan’s heart strings, and “make him feel like he was the difference on her life and that he was a valued friend and employee.”


“In truth however, Mel B did not care for Plaintiff. Mel did not respect Plaintiff’s rights and dignity as an employee or a human. As it turned out, for Defendant Mel B, Plaintiff was a convenient pawn to use and abuse and take advantage of.”

Allegedly, Mel paid him $10,000 a month, but he was forced to use $7000 of his salary on rent.

Mel also allegedly used Gary’s credit card and bank account as her “personal piggy bank,” and spent around $200,000 for her and her family. She allegedly used the funds on furniture, a television, parties, transportation, and other expenses.

Additionally, she allegedly did not pay him for all the hours he worked — including overtime.

The lawsuit added:

“Mel B was never going to return the money she took from him and was intending to simply steal the money.”

In his filing, Madatyan also claimed her doctor, Dr. Charles Sophy, prescribed highly addictive amphetamine salts to Mel but used his name on the Rx without permission.

When Gary sent Dr. Sophy a text — featuring a copy of the prescription with the text, “I need to know the reason you wrote this and who was it for?” — the medical professional allegedly responded back:

“Hi Call me plz.”

Gary says he “suffered severe emotional distress” after finding out the doctor allegedly put him in a “criminal light.” The suit added:

“Defendant Dr. Sophy’s conduct was extreme and outrageous and beyond the bounds of human decency.”

Madatyan also claims Dr. Sophy “yelled and berated” him to “lie” to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services — where Charles serves as the Medical Director — about Mel’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte and how he treated their children.

Though Gary refused to lie, he felt “grievously intimidated” and warned Mel “about Dr. Sophy and his influence over her.”

This year, Madatyan became “fed up and tired” with Mel’s alleged behavior, and confronted her about “serious concerns” he had about her being “engaged in unlawful activity.”

However, Mel allegedly fired him in March.

In his lawsuit, Gary is suing for unspecified damages as he “suffers past and future economic damages arising out of his wrongful termination and damages for emotional distress caused by Defendants Mel B and Dr. Sophy.” The papers added:

“The conduct of Defendant Mel B was extreme and dangerous and beyond the bounds of decency tolerated in a civilized society… Defendant Mel B’s conduct was intended to cause Plaintiff severe emotional distress and/or was perpetrated with reckless disregard as to the probability that Plaintiff would suffer severe emotional distress as a result of it.”

In Mel’s 2018 memoir Brutally Honest, Gary was the first person she thanked in the introduction, penning:

“To Gary Madatyan, there aren’t enough thanks I can say for sticking by me through thick and thin, making me laugh and sitting with me as I cried. You are forever and ever friend.”


[Image via Gary Madatyan/Instagram.]

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