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Menudo's Roy Rosselló Claims The Menendez Brothers' Dad Raped Him At 14

Menudo's Roy Roselló Says The Menendez Brothers' Dad Raped Him

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Roy Rosselló from the iconic Puerto Rican boyband Menudo is coming forward in a new docuseries on the Menendez brothers…

In one of the most famous trials of all time, brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez were convicted in July of 1996 of the murders of their parents, Jose and Mary Louise “Kitty” Menendez. The brothers, only 18 and 21, respectively, were given consecutive life sentences without parole in different prisons. A huge controversial topic during the boys’ multiple trials revolved around their claim they were abused by their parents. It’s been a heated discussion surrounding the crime ever since after it was deemed inadmissible at trial. Since then they’ve had several sources come forward to their defense on the topic — and now there’s more allegations against their father’s alleged abuse!

That’s where the former Menudo singer comes in…

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The 51-year-old former boyband member can be seen in a new trailer for Peacock‘s upcoming docuseries Menendez + Menudo: Boys Betrayed, and he’s got some disturbing allegations against Jose Menendez. In the video, he says:

“I know what he did to me in his house.”

Roy was a member of Menudo from 1983 to 1986. It was during this time that he claims the movie exec drugged and raped him when he was only 14 years old during a trip to New Jersey. In a clip shared by The Today Show, Rosselló can be seen pointing at a photograph of Jose as he claims:

“That’s the man here that raped me. That’s the pedophile. It’s time for the world to know the truth.”

Rosselló previously come forward with allegations against the boy band’s manager Edgardo Diaz as well. Heartbreaking…

Another person in the docuseries trailer said the Menendez patriarch was “obsessed” with the boyband — and this could very well be just the information the brothers need to get “action even after all these decades” on their case. Whoa.

In Today‘s clip, Erik can be heard on a phone call reacting to Roy’s revelations:

“I feel horrible. It’s sad to know that there was another victim of my father. You know, I always hoped and believed that one day the truth about my dad would come out. But I never wished for it to come out like this — the result of trauma that another child has suffered. It makes me very sad.”

Lyle actually suggests there were rumors for years about their father’s involvement with Menudo:

“It was pretty overwhelming to hear that. We’ve heard rumors that something might’ve happened with Menudo through the years. It’s a remarkable thing to happen so many decades later.”

The elder Menendez brother then went on to add:

“Of course, you know that would have made a difference at trial. Certainly that would’ve made an enormous difference because the entire trial was centered on the belief about these events.”

Wow, some serious new developments! And that’s not all — later on in the video Erik backs up Roy’s claims and says he remembers seeing him in their home as a child:

“My dad was one of the guys that was choosing and selecting new members of the group. I remember him specifically taking one of the kids and going off and saying he wanted to talk to him alone, and they went off into the house upstairs.”

Just awful…

You can see the full video for yourself (below):

You can also see the official trailer for the docuseries that premieres on May 2 (below):

What do U think about these new developments in the Menendez brothers’ case?? Will U be watching Boys Betrayed?? Let us know!

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[Image via Peacock/YouTube]

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