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Mia Goth Sued! Allegedly KICKED & Taunted Extra On Horror Sequel Set!

Mia Goth A24 Sued Ti West Kicked Maxxxine Extra

If this is true, it’s unconscionable!

In contrast to the unease they deliver to their audiences, horror films actually have very comfortable sets. We hear all the time about how everyone is laughing and smiling while covered in fake blood. Wes Craven, for instance, was a famously soft-spoken and kind man.

So what the eff happened here?!

An extra on the set of the highly anticipated sequel Maxxxine says he had such a rough time he’s SUING star Mia Goth, director Ti West, and studio A24. Per legal docs obtained by TMZ, the background performer was covered in fake blood and lying on the ground, presumably playing a dead body. This extra complains he was forced to lie there for hours, “enduring ants and mosquitoes.” But that wasn’t the problem.

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Maxxxine is the sequel to 2022’s back-to-back hits X and Pearl and adds some big names, including Halsey, Michelle Monaghan, Elizabeth DeBicki, Lily Collins, and Kevin Bacon. It should have been a big opportunity for a background performer. But he claims Mia Goth, who plays the titular adult film star, made it a nightmare. She was meant to run past him as he lay motionless on the ground, he explains, pausing only to look and step over him before continuing to run. When she “nearly stepped” on him in a take, Mia was warned to be more careful. Instead, he claims, she “intentionally kicked” him in he head with her boot as she went by the next time. He says he endured pain and stiffness in the neck, and a doctor later told him he was concussed — later because no medical assistance was offered on set!

The extra claims what he got instead of remedy was ridicule! He says Mia found him in the bathroom and “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him — daring him to do something about it.

JFC, she sounds like a proper bully by the sounds of this! Is Mia really that mean? Was she doing what her baby daddy Shia LaBeouf does, staying in character? Because that’s the kind of method acting B.S. we do NOT need in this business.

The performer further complains he had headaches the whole drive home and “nearly passed out twice.” And when he had to take off the fake blood, it was sticky and painful, too.

After being fired following the incident, the extra is now suing Mia, the director, and A24 for at least a HALF MILLION BUCKS for battery and wrongful termination. Sheesh!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Could Mia have done this? Would the director and studio have backed her??

[Image via A24/YouTube.]

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Jan 12, 2024 17:28pm PDT