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Michael Phelps Mom Speaks!

Mamma Phelps is finally talking!
Debbie Phelps‘ upcoming memoir, A Mother for All Seasons, tackles the highs and lows of her son Michael Phelps‘ career littered with scandal!
Mamma Phelps’ reaction to ‘Bong-Gate’ when her Olympic winning son was caught on camera takin’ a hit of some of the good shiz?
“D├â┬⌐j├â┬á vu all over again,” Debbie lamented.
In case you guys had forgotten, Phelps was arrested in 2004 for driving drunk when the young swimmer was only 19 years old!!
“It was unreal – like something out of a horror movie – with TV clips of jail cell doors slamming ominously shut, dooming the life and career of one golden boy turned loser,” she recalled of her son’s DUI.
“He actually had tried to get someone else to drive after he had a few drinks… Apparently someone in the crowd made a crack about not giving the keys to his brand-new Range Rover to someone else,” Debbie revealed.
Peer pressure, eh?
Not a valid excuse!
Momma Phelps was distressed over Michael’s “disappointing, uncharacteristic behavior” of the toke seen around the world, but she laid the blame on herself when it came to his arrest.
Debbie concluded, “I was sure that I could have done something to better prepare Michael to make better choices.”
Don’t blame yourself, honey!
Your son is not quite the “golden boy” you see him as!

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Apr 01, 2009 19:30pm PDT

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