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Miguel Performs While Suspended In The Air From Hooks Inserted In His Back!!

Miguel Suspends Himself In The Air With Hooks Inserted Into His Back During Shocking Performance!!

Prepare yourselves, Perezcious readers, because this is absolutely wild!

Miguel decided to go above and beyond when it came to promoting his upcoming album Viscera – we’re talking way too above and beyond. On Friday night, the 37-year-old singer hosted an event for his new music at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. And before starting the four-song set that evening, the crowd was warned that Miguel would be doing a “boundary-pushing” show. And boy, did he ever!

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According to TMZ, the shirtless artist sat down on a cube at one point and three assistants came on the stage. To do what exactly? Well, they inserted two metal hooks into his skin on each side of his back! We’re not joking here! The outlet reported that the hooks were jammed through temporary piercings in his shoulder blades. Miguel was then lifted off the ground and into the air as he performed his song Rope.

Miguel reportedly was suspended for around four minutes before being lowered back down. His assistants then returned to the stage and removed the hooks from his back. As for the crowd reaction? They seemed to love it, as they clapped and cheered for him. You can see the shocking moment for yourself below – but fair warning, it is graphic:


We cannot help but wonder how much that hurt! It pains us to even look at it! What a crazy moment – which was apparently a long time in the making. Sources told TMZ that Miguel had prepared for the big spectacle for months, running tests with a team of experts who specialized in body suspension. At this time, the Jeans artist hasn’t addressed the viral performance.

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[Image via GQ/YouTube]

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Aug 26, 2023 11:48am PDT

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