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Suzanne Morphew's Cause Of Death Revealed After Murder Case Against Husband Was Dismissed

Suzanne Morphew's Cause Of Death Revealed After Murder Case Against Husband Dismissed

Suzanne Morphew‘s cause of death has finally been confirmed.

In case you need a refresher, back on Mother’s Day in 2020 the Colorado mom mysteriously vanished while on a bike ride. Her two daughters Mallory and Macy Morphew had been on a camping trip, and her soon-to-be ex-husband Barry Morphew was stationed in Denver for a landscaping job. They all texted her “Happy Mother’s Day” — but none ever got a response. This would lead to a hefty investigation, resulting in Barry being arrested and named the prime suspect.

There were a lot of suspicious details pointing toward the husband’s involvement, such as the fact he claimed to be in Denver during her disappearance, but his truck’s navigation system pinned him right at the mom’s final location. There were also marriage issues; he and Suzanne argued over divorce and a rekindled past flame. Then he was listening to true crime podcasts featuring eerily similar stories to his wife’s disappearance…

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Without sufficient evidence, the charges were eventually dropped. But it’s important to note the case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning he couldbe charged again one day. And shockingly in September of last year, over three years after her disappearance, Suzanne’s remains were found! This led to the big reveal we’d all come to suspect over the course of the case… she was murdered.

According to police records obtained by multiple outlets, investigators concluded the missing mom’s cause of death is “homicide by undetermined means in the setting of butorphanol, azaperone, and medetomidine intoxication”. All of those drugs listed are known to be super strong tranquilizers, especially azaperone which is often used in vets offices, as well as medetomidine which is a surgical anesthetic. Awful.

In a public statement Chris Schaefer, who oversees the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, said of the new revelation:

“The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and our law enforcement partners understand and appreciate the public interest surrounding this case. The investigative team assembled to work this case continues to follow the evidence and only the evidence as we seek justice for Suzanne’s death.”

As of right now, police have not brought Barry’s name back into the conversation, but it’s understood he’s still a major suspect in the investigation. After all these years, Suzanne is finally on her way to getting justice.

Reactions to this new development, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Suzanne Morphew/Facebook/Chaffee County Sheriff]

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