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'Woke Karen' Millie Bobby Brown Admits She Writes Bad Yelp Reviews Using Fake Name!

'Woke Karen' Millie Bobby Brown Admits She Writes Bad Yelp Reviews Using Fake Name!

Millie Bobby Brown is not afraid to be a harsh critic! Well, as long as she gets to do so anonymously…

During Wednesday’s episode of the Table Manners podcast, the 20-year-old admitted she’s got a secret pseudonym out there — and it’s not for writing books or songs! She told hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware she writes Yelp! reviews with a “fake name” in her free time — especially when service is not up to par:

“I think it’s important, you know. Here’s the thing, my whole life is people criticizing me, so I’m going to give it back to you sometimes.”

One instance in which she felt like she needed to critique a business? She and her fiancé Jake Bongiovi were out shopping when they spotted someone else in need. The Stranger Things actress recalled the whole ordeal:

“Basically, this old lady came up to me and was like, ‘Do you know where the socks are?’ I think she thought I worked there. And I was like, ‘I don’t, but I’m going to help you.’ So I sat there and literally I tried so hard. She said, ‘I need to get them for my grandson. He’s this size in this pattern,’ so I was searching everywhere for these socks. When I tell you, probably about 20 minutes. Jake was like, ‘I don’t think they have them.’”

So sweet for them to help out! LOLz!

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But where did her review come in?? They apparently couldn’t even get help from the store worker. The Enola Holmes star said the only worker she could find was “so unhelpful”:

“And I was just like, ‘Please, this isn’t even for me. This is for this cute old lady that just wants to get her grandson a good pair of hiking socks.’ So I left a review.”

But she doesn’t want you to get it twisted! She’s not trying to tear down any businesses or cause problems. She calls herself a “very woke Karen” — which feels like a contradiction in terms, but…

“I do think it’s important to know where you went wrong and [there’s] always room for improvement. Jake is the most — he gets so embarrassed. He’s like, ‘No, Millie!’”

LOLz! We love the idea this young celeb power couple’s arguments are about Yelp. Despite saying she works “really hard” not to complain, though, she admits she has her moments:

“It’s just — if I’ve ordered a chicken sandwich, I just like a chicken sandwich. Like, don’t forget it, please. It’s made my day, the chicken sandwich, and when I look into the bag and there’s not one thing I’ve asked for, it kills me. And sometimes my fiancé orders a drink and it’s not like the drink he wanted and so I’m like, ‘Excuse me, sorry. This isn’t the drink.’ Jake’s like, ‘Please, I’ll drink it.’ And I’m like, ‘Why would you do that? You live your life once. Drink that drink and drink the right one.”

Ha! Sounds like she doesn’t mind giving servers a piece of her mind in person either. We wonder if any will come out and talk about what she’s like from their point of view… What do U think about Millie’s “woke Karen” attitude, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below).

[Image via LADbible TV/YouTube]

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