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Alt-Right Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos 'Close To Quitting' After Being Banned Across Social Media

Milo Yiannopoulos poor money social media quitting

It’s apparently a very bad time to be Milo Yiannopoulos!

The outspoken former editor of Breitbart — and most recently, the mascot for Boston’s infamously bizarre Straight Pride Parade — has opened up on social media about how he “can’t put food on the table” as his support has dwindled and his followers aren’t buying his books or otherwise sustaining his views. The world’s smallest violin plays somewhere, off in the distance…

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As you’ll probably recall about Milo, the right-wing provocateur was first banned from Twitter in 2016 after directing abuse and encouraging his followers to go after actress Leslie Jones. He later infamously lost his major book deal in another controversy, was pushed off a handful of other social media sites one by one, and finally, in May of this year, he was officially banned from Facebook.

He’s on a fringe platform called Telegram right now, but judging from his recent public comments on that site, things don’t appear to be going to well for the political personality!

“Microscopic followings like 20k are not going to sustain people like me,” the controversial media figure wrote on Telegram, before opening himself up more in an alarmingly vulnerable thread about his current life situation.

He continued (below):

“It’s just not a good use of my time to be here. Talking to the same 1,000 people, none of whom buy books, tickets to anything or donate. Views on my posts have crashed down to 2 or 3k total. Channel keeps getting muted. I’m close to quitting. I spent years growing and developing and investing in my fan base and they just took it away in a flash. This 19k bullshit here is not going to cut it. I can’t make a career out of a handful of people like that. I can’t put food on the table this way. There’s no future to Telegram for social media refugees if this is the best it gets. I’ll just retire from social media entirely tbh. It’s pathetic. So demoralising. I’m not going to waste myself on an audience of 2,000. I just refuse.”

Holy smokes…

As if to perfectly prove his point, the posts went largely unnoticed on Telegram for quite a while — until Twitter users slowly started to pick up on some of the irony and schadenfreude of Milo possibly giving it all up (below):

Crazy!!! And also… not exactly sad about this, either!!!

Thousands of Twitter users — long tired of Milo’s alt-right, shock-jock shtick — were not exactly sympathetic to the political pundit’s admissions, either.

“Hey Milo – get a job,” wrote one commenter.

“’Social media ‘Refugee’ With no sense of irony at all,” another tweet noted. “What he does have is an incredible sense of entitlement. Demanding that the platform that he’s immigrated to provide him with a living. No wonder the right think all migrants are spongers. It’s what they would be.”


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“The second the billionaire patrons bounced Milo became a literal beggar,” another user noted. “If there’s any more crystal-clear example of how astroturfed the entire conservative movement is, I’ve yet to see it.”

Yikes! Not exactly false, though…

What do U think about Milo’s apparent social media irrelevance, Perezcious readers??

Sound OFF about it in the comments (below)…

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