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Mindy Kaling Recalls Terrifying Moment When A Man Broke Into B.J. Novak’s Car While She Was 8 Months Pregnant!

Mindy Kaling Recalls Terrifying Moment When A Man Broke Into B.J. Novak’s Car While She Was 8 Months Pregnant!

Mindy Kaling, this sounds scary AF!!

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, host Jimmy Kimmel and the 43-year-old comedian were talking about Halloween when he asked if she ever experienced a “genuinely scary situation” in her life. Mindy then recalled the night she and longtime friend/ex-boyfriend B.J. Novak went out to dinner in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles when she was eight months pregnant with her 4-year-old daughter Katherine. As she describes it, when B.J. went to park the car, The Office alum spotted a random man who kept looking at them:

“I noticed there was kind of a weird kind of guy staring at us from the parking meter. And I was like, ‘OK, I don’t love this,’ but he was just standing there, whatever.”

But Mindy soon realized that he had just been a fan (or so she thought):

“When we got out, he was like, ‘Hey, love you guys on The Office.’ And I was like, ‘I’m such a d**k. He’s just a nice man who loves The Office, and I’m sitting here being like, ‘Ah, that guy shouldn’t be staring at us.’”

Now here’s when their evening took an unexpected turn… The Mindy Project star said she and B.J. walked toward the restaurant only to find out it was closed, and when the former couple went back to the Inglorious Bastards actor’s vehicle, they got quite the fright:

“When we walk back to the car — what we think is the car – we’re like, ‘Oh, that’s probably not it, because there’s somebody sitting in the driver’s seat,’ and we keep walking.”

Eventually the duo realized there was no way they parked as far as they were walking, turned around, and continued to search for the vehicle – only to discover the same guy inside with B.J.’s laptop open! Mindy explained:

“BJ’s car is one of those fancy cars where for like a minute after when you leave it’ll lock by itself, but there’s a minute. So we go back to the car and the guy we had talked to by the meter, had gotten into BJ’s car, was sitting in the driver’s seat, had BJ’s laptop open, and was on BJ’s laptop. It was so strange. He didn’t try to steal his stuff.”


At the time, Mindy and B.J. decided to confront the stranger. She — who, mind you, was pregnant — went to the driver’s side to make sure the door stayed closed while the Vengeance director hopped into the passenger’s side to sit next to the man:

“My sense of justice was greater than my sense of wanting to live. BJ went in the other side and was like, ‘What did you take?’ The guy kept looking at the door trying to get out, and I was sitting there like, ‘You’re not going to going anywhere.’”

When B.J. got his laptop and other possessions back, Mindy said he signaled her to let him out of the car, and he went on his way. But not before sharing some advice to the twosome, according to Mindy:

“When the guy got out — this was the strangest part — he looked at us and said, ‘You guys should be careful anybody could just get into your car.’ As though the whole thing had just been this ruse he had planned to teach us a valuable lesson.”

The momma of two then said the guy “kind of wandered away.”

Wow! What a scary situation!

But we guess this serves as an important reminder to Mindy and everyone to always double check that your doors are locked before walking away. You can ch-ch-check out her full interview with Jimmy (below):


And no, she did not mention whether or not she and B.J. called the cops.

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[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube, MEGA/WENN]

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