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Missing Oklahoma Moms Were Murdered, Cops Say -- 4 Suspects Arrested For 'Absolutely Brutal Crime'

‘Foul Play' Suspected After 2 Moms Go Missing In Oklahoma Instead Of Picking Up Kids!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

There’s been an alarming update in the case of the Kansas mothers who mysteriously vanished.

Last month, moms Veronica Butler (left), 27, and Jillian Kelley (right), 39, were declared missing hours after never picking up their children like they’d planned. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation revealed their car was found abandoned in a remote area of the state near the Kansas border. Sadly, officials confirmed “foul play” was suspected in the disappearance “based on information obtained from the victim’s vehicle.” Those poor kids… And now, two weeks after their disappearance, authorities have revealed a tragic update on their fates.

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Over the weekend, the OSBI arrested four individuals: Tad Bert Cullum, 43, Tifany Machel Adams, 54, Cole Earl Twombly, 50, and Cora Twombly, 44. The quartet was booked into the Texas County Jail on counts of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder.

Tad Bert Cullum & Tifany Machel Adams Arrested
Tad Bert Cullum & Tifany Machel Adams (c) Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation/Facebook
Cole & Cora Twombly Arrested
Cole & Cora Twombly (c) Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation/Facebook

The next day, law enforcement revealed two bodies had been discovered in Texas County. Sadly, those bodies were identified as Veronica and Jillian on Monday. And the circumstances sound dire. As we’ve been following, Veronica and Jillian had been on their way to pick up their kids in Oklahoma from their paternal grandmother, which, per an affidavit obtained by 12 News, is Tifany — one of the four individuals arrested in connection with the murders.


Apparently, Veronica had been in a bitter custody battle with Tifany, with whom her children were staying. Per the affidavit, Veronica’s visits required a supervisor. But on the day she went missing, her regular supervisor wasn’t available. So, Jillian, a preacher’s wife, stepped in. But when they never made contact, Veronica’s family called the police.

Near their abandoned car, law enforcement discovered blood, Veronica’s glasses, a broken hammer, and a pistol magazine inside Jillian’s purse, according to the affidavit. Investigators also pulled Tifany’s cell phone records, which showed search records for gun shops and tasers, and how to lure someone out of their house.

Tifany is said to be romantically involved with Tad and friends with the Twombly couple. So she got her boyfriend and friends to help her? Yeesh.

The OSBI also interviewed Cora Twombly’s daughter, who is another suspect but only named as CW in the affidavit. She told law enforcement that the four murder suspects were involved in an anti-government group God’s Misfits. On the day of the victims’ deaths, they allegedly told CW to clean their truck and that they wouldn’t have to worry about Veronica anymore.

On Monday, District 1 D.A. George Leach addressed the tireless investigation:

“Everybody came together — somewhere of the neighborhood of 100 law enforcement officers, truly no exaggeration — working night and day.”

He added:

“Right now there are no suspects at large, the public is not in danger — that’s what’s important to us.”

He also said he’s “extremely grateful” to have made the arrests in what he hailed as an “absolutely brutal crime.” FBI Special Agent Sanya Garcia shared her condolences for the family, and expressed hope that the arrests would “provide a sense of closure” for the affected families.

On Saturday night, Jillian’s mother Kalie Dalbey took to Facebook to announce that the 39-year-old had “passed away.” See (below):

This all came just one week after Veronica reportedly filed for full custody of her children, per News Nation.

Our hearts remain with Veronica and Jillian’s families in this truly disturbing case. Rest in peace.

[Images via Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation/Facebook]

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