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Republican Politician Tells Constituents Not To Be 'Weak & Gay' In BONKERS Video!

Missouri Republican Politician Valentina Gomez Weak And Gay Video

We’ve done it! We’ve found the most insane politician! Great…

Seriously, in a post-Trump world that’s brought us the likes of Marjorie Taylor GreeneRFK Jr, and George Santos, you have to do a lot to distinguish yourself as truly bats**t. And Republican Valentina Gomez gets it.

The 24-year-old is running for Secretary of State in Missouri, and we mean literally running. In a campaign video this week, the avid athlete jogs down the street in a weighted vest to show her strength at… um, stating? (Missouri’s official government site says the position is mainly responsible for “collecting, compiling, storing and publishing a variety of state documents.” It sounds a lot more secretarial than the US one.) But the bonkers part is the message. She says:

“In America, you can be anything you want, so don’t be weak and gay, stay f**king hard.”

Wow. Wow wow wow. Another mask-off, blatantly homophobic public figure. Election 2024, right?

This isn’t just gross because of what she’s saying but where she’s saying it. It turns out she’s jogging through the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, a predominantly LGBT community. Wow. There are attacks and there are attacks. This feels about an inch away from a call to violence. Especially since it cuts from her jogging to a photo in which she’s holding an automatic rifle. Yeesh.

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The video is also set to Lupe Fiasco‘s The Show Goes On, which is its own point of controversy. Lupe is supportive of the LGBT community, and the team has since posted they are “aware and currently taking action” about the song’s unsanctioned use.

Oh, one more just bugnuts aspect of the vid? In her X (Twitter) post, she tags Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate. You know, the men’s rights alpha bros who are currently facing rape and human trafficking charges? So apparently she’s anti-LGBT and pro-sex trafficking of young women? The GOP, ladies and gents!

BTW, Valentina knows exactly what she’s doing getting attention on social media. She previously posted a video in which she takes an actual flamethrower and roasts a couple LGBT-themed books. Yes, she’s literally burning books. Just in case that didn’t sink in because everything is crazy now, she’s BURNING BOOKS! Not hyperbole!

So much for freedom of speech, huh? No gay speech, right?

Just a reminder that voting is super important at the local level. Even if you aren’t happy with the presidential choices, please remember to get out there and make sure the real loonies don’t get into positions of power in your city and state.

[Image via ValentinaForMissouri/Instagram.]

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May 16, 2024 11:45am PDT