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US Marshals Held Mother & Baby At Gunpoint While Raiding Wrong Apartment -- See Horrifying Footage AND Their Terrible Non-Apology!

us marshals storm wrong apartment, traumatizing mother

A young mother and her infant child were on the receiving end of a raid gone wrong, and the US Marshals who traumatized them in the process didn’t seem too sorry about it.

Kada Staples (above, left) recounted the harrowing incident in a TikTok video she shared on Saturday, explaining that she and her 3-month-old daughter were fast asleep when two armed men without uniforms knocked on her door.

Alongside the Ring clips that showed multiple marshals terrifying her and her baby at gunpoint, the mom wrote:

“When the US Marshals show up to your house and rush you and your newborn baby out, running all through your home telling you they know you are lying and you’re hiding someone in there just to find out they’re at the wrong apartment… We were taking a nap and my Ring doorbell kept alerting me that there was motion detected. When I clicked on it, there were two men standing there in bulletproof vests with guns pointing at my door.”


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The video showed one of the marshals yelling for Staples to “open the door,” to which she replied by saying she’s trying to put her dog in the kennel. Although the mother repeatedly told the officers that no one else is in the apartment, the other marshal said:

“Tell him to come out with his hands up. We know he’s in there. The place is surrounded.”

Staples then cracked open the door, prompting the marshals to push her and her baby out of the way and barge in. She told WFLA:

“They are holding us at gunpoint, screaming, there is a gun about a foot away from her face. [They said,] ‘We know Shamar is in there.’”

The man the marshals were searching for was Shamar Johnson, who was wanted for a September homicide. He was later found in a different apartment on Staples’ floor.

She went on to recall:

“With that, they run in my apartment. There’s probably 6 or 7 of them out there with guns. 3 or 4 of them run into my apartment and are running around. They are still yelling at me that I’m lying.”

OMG, what a nightmare!

Thankfully, one of the marshals eventually realized they had the wrong unit, Staples said, and told the others before leading the group out back out into the hallway to another apartment.

In the footage, Staples was seen crying in the hallway while telling the marshals:

“You guys came to the wrong apartment.”

Johnson was found moments later, according to a statement from the federal law enforcement agency on Tuesday. The statement did not include an apology to Staples, but the agency did make sure to note her apartment “was not a target of the investigation” and that “team members did not make entry.” It added that had Staples “not made contact with the team through the Ring doorbell, the team would not have had any contact with anyone” in her unit.

Um, what?? They just magically know these guys who got the wrong apartment in the first place would have suddenly realized their mistake and NOT kicked in the door? Right…

Staples said none of the marshals apologized to her for their mistake at the time. She told WFLA she was having trouble sleeping after the terrifying incident, and called the US Marshals Office seeking help from a mental health professional for anxiety.

Unfortunately, the agency was incredibly unsympathetic: Staples claimed a man on the phone told her to “get over it” and take melatonin.

Do U think the agency has a responsibility to care for people like Staples, who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Watch the incident unfold (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

@yungkadaame and my newborn baby had guns pointed at us from every direction and they were at the wrong place im shaking they literally could’ve killed us ##fyp♬ original sound – Kadalee ????????

[Image via yungkadaa/TikTok]

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