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Mother-Daughter Team Busted For Administering Illegal Butt Injections In 3 States!

Unlicensed Mom & Daughter Busted In Sting Operation For Administering Illegal Butt Injections!

A mother-daughter duo has been arrested after charging women thousands of dollars to inject an “unknown brown liquid” into their behinds! It gets even more disturbing when you realize they were totally unlicensed!

Consuelo Dal Bo and her 18-year-old daughter Isabella were busted late last month in Cypress, Texas after attempting to administer illegal butt injections to an undercover officer! According to court docs obtained by Fox 26, Consuelo planned to charge the solicitor $6,000 for the illegal service. But, unbeknownst to the 56-year-old, the meetup was part of a sting operation conducted by the Houston Police Department! She and her daughter were both charged with unlawfully practicing medicine without a license. Consuelo was also hit with a delivery of  controlled substance charge as she allegedly gave the undercover cop a Xanax before the procedure to calm down! Ouch! Bet she didn’t expect that act of kindness to cost her an extra legal headache!

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But before you feel even the slightest bit bad for these two, listen to what they were doing to women! The criminal complaint reads:

“This defendant was not even sure what was in the bottles and this fundamentally demonstrates how remarkably dangerous these acts were. The defendants do not have licenses to perform this kind of activity.”

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Sheila Hansel told the outlet “there is currently no gel, liquid, substance, approved by the FDA for injection into the buttocks to enhance the shape of the buttocks.” So remember that if you ever see an ad for such a thing!

The pair’s unlawful practices have apparently been traced to California and Washington State in addition to Texas… So far! Who knows how many victims have been injected with, and we say this one more time… “unknown brown liquid.” Ick!

Consuelo, who’s currently out on bond, told Fox 26 she went to med school for three years in Mexico and worked under a doc for nearly seven years. She also claimed her daughter does not even work with her. Uh huh.

In the time since the pair were arrested, multiple women have come forward with stories of botched procedures at the hands of Consuelo. One woman told ABC13:

“She showed me pictures of other girls. She even said she travels to go do strippers, lawyers, teachers…”

OMG! So many potential victims out there! Watch (below):


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[Images via Houston Police Department]

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Apr 10, 2024 12:15pm PDT