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Twitter Is Obsessed With Nancy Pelosi Sarcastically Applauding Donald Trump At His SOTU Address!

Nancy Pelosi had Twitter applauding when she dramatically clapped for Donald Trump during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.
After the president called for an end to “the politics of revenge,” the Speaker of the House sat up from her seat and pointedly clapped her hands together — a meme-able moment that instantly went viral:

But was it genuine appreciation or a facetious, literal clapback?
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A statement Pelosi shared on Twitter after the address suggests the latter, as it expectedly tore Trump’s speech to shreds.
Writing that it “will take days to fact-check all the misrepresentations that the President made tonight,” Pelosi criticized the president for “manufacturing a crisis at the border” and “completely ignor(ing) the gun violence epidemic that is claiming lives across the country.” She shared:

The statement confirmed what many had already tweeted: that not only did Pelosi’s sardonic gesture make a statement, but that Trump didn’t even notice — he actually thanked her!

A sarcastic clap says a thousand words.
[Image via C-SPAN.]

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Feb 06, 2019 10:40am PDT